I’m Coming Over

PresiDEBT Of The United States

I originally wrote this on my milblog, but wanted to move it here. Then, something came to me. If this passes, President Obama will average a trillion dollars worth of additional debt per month he’s been in office! I hope this doesn’t continue for the next four years! President Barack Obama and Congress isn’t done [...]

I Want a Piece

Americans are understandably outraged at the Stinkulus package recently passed and signed into law. A recent protest in Arizona had some absolutely hilarious demands for what they want out of the Stinkulus as well. I mean, if we’re going to give money to people for nothing, I want a piece too. Here’s what these people [...]

I can see clearly now, the deception is gone…

One of the things I personally found frustrating over the last eight years was the constant shell games-hiding costs for one program under another, switching things around and playing accounting games with the nation’s finances. Obama, however, plans to undo that-actually planning for the emergencies and additional situations that we project to happen. For example-military [...]