I can see clearly now, the deception is gone…

One of the things I personally found frustrating over the last eight years was the constant shell games-hiding costs for one program under another, switching things around and playing accounting games with the nation’s finances.

Obama, however, plans to undo that-actually planning for the emergencies and additional situations that we project to happen. For example-military spending on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will no longer be supplemental funding that is late every year, but instead counted as “overseas military contingencies”, and be budgeted for.

And no more rosy projections about income that don’t match the actuality, either. That’s the government equivalent of a child who hopes for a pony for Christmas, and winds up getting socks. All well and good, until the kid actually tells all their friends that they got the pony, and invites them all over to ride it.

http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/20/us/politics/20budget.html?ref=politicsĀ for the story.

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