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I am so honored and flattered to announce that we here at MilitaryPundits have been recognized for our voice and our opinions by the MSM (Mainstream Media) a whole lot faster than we ever thought we would be. Yesterday afternoon, SkyNews out of the UK reached out to us for an appearance on one of their shows. CJ was busy and I just happened to have the time available in the very short 3 hour window we had to respond, coordinate and get setup. Originally I thought they were wanting to talk to us about the surge in Afghanistan, but it wasn’t until I was on the air that I realized they wanted to talk about President Obama’s announcement yesterday of his timetable for Iraq (which is longer and different than he campaigned on). I was only on for a short time, but I was still very honored and excited to do it.

For me personally being on the show was not that big a deal as I have been interviewed many times by local, national and international media outlets before. However that was because of my personal blog which has been up for a few years and talks about Afghanistan almost exclusively. This time they reached out to CJ and I because of this site,

One of CJ and my goals in starting this site was to have a common-sense and well-earned voice out in the media on political opinions and views. Rather than blow-hards and people that think they know what they are talking about always spouting stuff, we felt that veterans should have a voice. Veterans who have fought for and toiled to provide for this country. It was my personal goal that within 6 months of this site going live that maybe, just maybe, MSM outlets would start to recognize us and reach out to us. I would never have imagined that it would have happened only 8 days after this site going live. You can ask my wife, I was on cloud 9 all afternoon because of this site being recognized so quickly.

I don’t have the link yet to the video (which was done via Skype with video patched into their studios), but as soon as I can get it from them I will post it here. BTW, I don’t think I did that great because I honestly was not prepared for the topic but hopefully I did not do too bad where they won’t call on us again. They said they will and hopefully with more notice I can line up one or more of the other authors of this site for them to talk to.

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  1. Wow!! This made me happy too! To know that they recognized you so quickly. I wonder how long it will take a US MSM to recognize this site.

  2. Bravo Zulu! Hopefully domestic MSM won’t be far behind!

  3. I’m sure you did well. Glad you could make it. Guess we need to keep our eyes and ears open and prepared to talk about any topic in the future!

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