Obama = Johnson?

I understand why the President wants to be compared to President Lincoln, but I really don’t think he wants to be compared to President Lyndon Johnson. However it looks like he is on that path, especially when he tries to run a war from the White House and not allow the military to do it.


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  1. Well, well, well. Most Americans who voted for Obama and those of us who did not, are now about to revisit the horrors of the past. Comparing Obama to Johnson does have some validity, but then again so does comparing him to Franklin Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter. However we must look at all the actions this president and his administration are going to propose (or should I say force upon us).

    The Obama administration supported this “bail out bill” is nothing more than FDR’s New Deal nonsense. After almost a decade of the gov’t pumping money into the economy, FDR’s VP Wallace told FDR – “We spent everything on anything, and it hasn’t helped”. Then why repeat this action you may say/ Drum roll please….POWER. During this time the Federal government seized more power and in some respects subjugated portions of the citizens. TVA – people forcibly removed from property for the good of the many (where was this, the USSR or Tennessee – either way, collectivism). How many of our Grandparents and parents became Democrats because of the falsehood that FDR saved us from the depression. Voters for life! in the end, WWII pulled the nation out of the depression, not the New Deal.

    Johnson – Great Society made generations of Americans totally dependent on the government and tore the black (not African-American – reason, see John Wayne’s speech on the hyphenated American)community apart through forced busing, created white flight from the cities, and a mentality that throwing gov’t money at a problem is the answer. Again, giving the money from the many to the select few ensures a life long voter which again equals power.

    Carter Рfor those of us that lived through this era, it was extremely painful. He was definitely the boss that was dumber than everyone who worked for him. Dismantle the CIA, impede FBI investigation, gut the military and kiss Chairman Brezhnev’s ring. Hurray, the world will live us!!! Tell those folks at the embassy in Tehran. For those of us that were part of a military family during this time know first hand what could happen next. We all become second class citizens again.

    Some of you may have different opinions and say I am just anti-democrat party, not so. Obama hasn’t proposed wage and price controls like Nixon thank GOD. But Obama is not Lincoln, and will never be Reagan.

    To sum up, if you follow the money and look at intent, it all leads to a power grab by the Federal Government to ensure a one party dominance in the future and the end to the America that was once the Greatest and most free nation in the world. Obama is not the first one to try this, but he may be the one that succeeds.

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