This is truly scary

If Hitler lived today, I have a bad feeling that he would have sites like this too.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying President Obama is anything like Hitler. But the freaks and fruitcakes that are obsessed with the big O like these people are, probably share the same zest as those that followed Hitler did too.

H/T to DD for sending this my way.

3 Responses to “This is truly scary”

  1. guys, I call bulls**t on this one. Looks like a fairly cleverly done website purposely designed to freak out white conservatives. Every single thread post in there is a hot button issue for neo-cons, and some of the stuff is just ridiculous. Obama Youth Brigades? The ‘gang member recruits’ thread is a dead giveaway. No black gang member talks like that; every post is a cliche of what mid-western America ‘thinks’ urban black youth talks like.
    Need to be a little more discerning there, Top….:)

  2. Even if it is BS, and someone did have enough time to put all this stuff on there….I think there may still be an air of truth to it on how people think.

  3. Owen, I just spent some time going through the site and I think it is real. I am not sure all the people are real and I am sure some of the posts are just people trying to stir stuff up. There is way too much there and too many threads to be all from one or a few people.

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