Alan Keyes, “Stop Obama or the US will cease to exist”

Interesting view from a former three-time Presidential contender. I know he isn’t military, but he refers to military members challenging Obama’s right to be President. I must say I thought the whole “Obama wasn’t born here” debate had died. I guess there are those that are still challenging this fact.

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  1. The man makes a lot of sense. How can a country go from squabbling over every penny, and realizing it cannot pay for everything, to a country that doesn’t question a penny, and can come up with trillions of dollars out of this air? Good point! As far as the BC goes…from what I have seen Obama has refused to show his original certificate of live birth, and instead has fought tooth and nail with legal manuevers. If he had nothing to hide, and this bc issue was a non-issue, why not just whip out the original bc, show it to the world, and thumb his nose at his naysayers?

    I happen to agree that this country is going downhill fast. Instead of coming into office, assuming the battle position, and fighting to bring our economy back from the jaws of death, he came in and just started overturning GWB’s policies, hand over fist. Making policy that would force us to pay for abortions and contraception for overseas countries, at a time when we are in a financial crisis. He picks people for his administration that are supposedly so intelligent “they are the only people for the job!” Yet we find out that many of them have cheated on their taxes, something his VP has said is every AMerican’s patriotic duty.

    He has given more support to some veterans groups, and has poured a bit of money into the military, but what he doesn’t tell you is that his latest CBO report suggests that they will begin to make dependents PAY for their healthcare. The country is going to hell in a handbasket, Americans need to start protesting this wide swing to the far left, or enjoy living in abject poverty.

  2. Sorry, but I don’t buy your “doom and gloom” scenario. This country will rise as it always had. Those of you who think otherwise, perhaps Mexico will have you. I’ve never heard so many so-called “Patriotic Americans” claim that their country is “going down the tubes” or will “cease to exist”.

  3. Then you obviously don’t know your history, and have no clue how dangerously close to a depression we are. Nor do you seem to understand that a President cannot decrease debt by making more. That’s assinine to think that spending money will save money. That’s the same kind of bonheaded logic that people with credit card debt use to get another loan. You cannot come in and change everything about a country, mirroring socialist values, and expect that there won’t be some major ramifications.

    I don’t know about you, but I am a very patriotic person, and have been a military daughter and now wife. To offend me in that manner just shows you are on par with your duplicitous President. America is not a my way or the highway country, it’s got a lot of different people with a lot of different ideals. The educated ones, who look beyond the 10 second blurb on the local news station, understand that what this man is doing is bad.

  4. I say it again God help the USA

  5. I too still need to be convinced he is a natural born citizen. That document on his website that was printed up in 2007 by the State of Hawaii does not cut it for me. I have seen a few of the military folks Mr. Keyes referred to refusing to serve under BHO as they too believe him to be a foreign ursurper. This is some scary stuff. I am glad I am no longer in the Army as I would have real issue with this too. As a citizen, I feel like recycling the same rants from the left during GWB’s admin with shrieks of ‘Not in my name!’ and ‘Dissent is the highest form of patriotism!’, etc. There is a reason the founders put that proviso of natural born citizen in the Constitution. A foreign agent can do great harm from the inside. Now we hear about this ‘secret letter’ to Russia, offering to sell out our Allies in Europe with the stroke of a pen. I thought the Senate was the body that ratified treaties.?Is this the change we are supposed to believe in. I won’t even comment on the economic mess we are being led into. But why should BHO care? He is not a citizen anyway.

  6. Shannon,
    First off, I’m not sure what I said to offend you, other then to disagree with you. I certainly don’t doubt you patriotism in any way. As for a depression, we will probably be in one, AKA extend recession.
    As for my history, I know it enough to keep it in context and I’m pretty good on most subjects. If Obama came across as “Mr. Happy” I’d think that he doesn’t know the gravity of the problem. In the case, I’ll take a serious guy over a happy one, given out current situation.
    For what its worth, Reagan decreased taxes (somewhat) and expanded the government, mainly in the military and spent a lot of money in doing so. He was able to do this courtesy of a lot of the cutbacks Carter made which contributed to getting inflation under control. Large government spending seemed to work then and I think it will work now. This as long as the money is spent on pertinent stuff.
    Lastly, I thank you and your family for their service.

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