Common Sense

Well it looks like President Obama is using common sense and not caving into the whacko liberal left that wanted to bring President Bush and his administration officials up on charges for the supposed torture that happened to enemy combatants (I am not in his administration, so I can call them whatever I want) caught on the battlefield.

2 Responses to “Common Sense”

  1. I’d still like to know why it’s so bad to call those at Gitmo “enemy combatants.” ??? Just what does the left have a fear of in calling a spade a spade? We cannot get them to call it the war on terror, they will not use enemy combatant, and we need some truth. Who do they think they will offend by using the correct terminology? It’s all a bunch of bs aimed to play down the seriousness of what we are dealing with, and that is detrimental to how the American public views our issues with terrorism. This borders on the criminal when you downplay something that is still a very serious and viable threat.

  2. The term “enemy combatant” was itself a conjered up term to not use the truthful term of what they really are “prisoners of war”. If you really want to call a spade a spade, call them POW’s and be done with it. Mr. Bush didn’t want to call them this because he would have had to give them the same rights we demand for our own soldiers when they are caught on the battlefield. Calling a spade a spade doen’t work when its merely done for convenience.

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