A Concerted Effort

I’m fairly convinced now that I have become a personal target of the moonbats of this country. First, my blog - A Soldier’s Perspective - is attacked and taken off line over and over again and I’m still locked out of it. Now, I’m dealing with some butt-monkey who doesn’t think that I am allowed to voice an opinion. So, I want to address that individual who thinks they can hide in the shadows and sling IG complaints as they see fit. At first, I was going to sit idly by and allow this process to finish, but now that I’ve had a weekend to think about I’ve changed my mind.

I also want to clarify something that my antagonist is too stupid to understand. At the top of this blog is a little link titled “Disclaimer and Policies”. I have one on EVERY site where I blog. Why? Because I want people to be very clear that when I speak online, I speak as CJ Grisham, citizen of the greatest country on earth - Texas The United States of America. I don’t speak as a representative of the Army, the DOD, my unit, my company, or any other official entity. And, YOU, whoever your cowardly ass is that is trying to bring me down from within my own military are also making an agreement: “Users accept and agree to this disclaimer in the use of any information accessed in this website.”

I can’t publicly go over the specific allegations in detail yet - I don’t think. I have the utmost confidence that when this is all said and done, I will be - again - cleared of any wrong-doing.

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with military service. It’s one of the most noble of professions, along with firefighter, EMS, and police officer. I’m just thankful I’m not a police officer being forced to charge people with insanely unAmerican “crimes” on a daily basis.

When I joined the military 15 years ago, I took an oath:

“I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

It not an oath I take lightly. It’s not some obstacle I had to overcome to sign on the dotted line and get shipped off.

“I…will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…” I will crush whomever my country tasks me to crush that threatens that document that provides my country’s way of life and freedoms. To me, the Constitution is NOT a living document. If it were, it would be rewritten every 4-8 years.

“…that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same…” My allegiance as a Soldier - my absolute allegiance - is to protecting that document and what it contains. When we talk about the American way of life, we’re talking about the freedoms the Constitution gives us. Freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, freedom from illegal search and seizure, freedom against self-incrimination, and freedom to bear arms that shall not be infringed - freedoms that I don’t take for granted. Freedoms that are not to be mingled with. I am confident that if I, my government, and my fellow citizens merely adhere to this document, we will continue to be the best nation on earth, regardless of which Dumbocrat or Repugnican is placed in office.

“…that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice…” I will go and do what my supervisors order me to do - so long as it’s legal, moral, and ethical - whether or not I agree with it! That’s what real Soldiers do. They don’t tiddly wink around with refusing to deploy to because they think the war is wrong or whatever. That isn’t their decision to make. They can disagree all they want, but they better tighten their bootstraps and move their asses out!

“So help me God.” God is my motivation; not fame, importance, money, friends, or you. He has a plan for me and it involves taking care of my troops and ensuring their stories are told. He brought me home when I should have been a pile of guts and goo on the side of an unmarked road. I’ve survived much more than what you could possibly sling at me and seen more than your wet dreams could ever imagine. I sure as heck didn’t scratch my way out of hell to retreat to a corner at your insistence. I’m dedicated to a higher power that allows me to see things from more than a terrestrial standpoint. And from that standpoint, you represent a mere grain of sand. And while that grain of sand is currently irritating my eye, you will soon be washed away.

You see, whoever you are, you pissant little coward, I know what my left and right limits are. I know what I can and cannot do. It is for that very reason you’ll never see me at a rally or protest in uniform, even AFTER I get out of the military. I hold that uniform to be as sacred as the trust of my service and would never sour its image. I abide by regulations and the UCMJ. And I’ve dealt with your kind before. I really wish I could see your face when this is all over, but I realize that would go against your yellow-striped nature.

You’ve succeeded in ONE thing and one thing only - to create a minor nuisance for me. You’ve forced me to make a few phone calls to ensure that my chain of command wasn’t blindsided by your ignorance and stupidity. What you DON’T know is that my chain of command is well aware of everything I do. I don’t hide behind a fake name when I write. I don’t hope and pray that my commanders don’t stumble across my words. The fact of this matter is not that I’ve done anything wrong, but that you don’t agree with me. You are what is wrong with this country! And believe me, I know who you are. I know that you work with the Air Force. I could call you and give you an earful any time I choose, but I’m bigger than that.

I’m content just letting this thing play out and then laughing my ass off at you as you steam and boil in your own self-hatred. And if in some alternative universe-type scenario these charges are upheld, this is only the beginning. The entire liberal apparatus will be put on display as I seek their assistance to fight this thing. I will seek the assistance of MoveOn.org, the ACLU, IVAW, and other organizations that stood up for troops that bashed our previous president and actually disobeyed regulations and the UCMJ in doing so. I know what the outcome will be - crickets. They won’t help me because I’ve rarely said bad things about Bush. And I’ll expose them for the frauds they all are.

This won’t be a minor issue. I’ll work a book deal out of it. That will turn into a made for TV movie. I’ll be rich and you’ll be the reason.

Notice that in that oath, there was nothing I promised to do that alluded to giving up rights. I made an oath to support the Constitution, not be immune from it. I enjoy the same rights you do. All Soldiers do. We have a different set of rules as to how we apply those rights and are slightly restricted in how we practice them, but we don’t give them up. What’s the point in fighting for something I can’t enjoy? I haven’t gotten where I am today by cowering to people like you. I suggest you go back to your cush Air Force job, look yourself in the mirror and start begging for forgiveness. When this fight is over, I will continue to hold my head high while you stew over the absurdity of your attempts.

I live by a principle my father passed along to me years ago when I first became an NCO. He once told me, “As long as you’re always doing the right thing, you’ll never have anything to worry about.” People will get pissed off at me for one reason or another because I’m not doing it their way, but if I’m doing the right thing it will all work out in the end. I suggest you take that principle to heart yourself. You’re not messing with a Private who doesn’t know any better or a liberal who doesn’t WANT to know better. You’re messing with me and you’re messing with my family. And my family is much bigger than the people I’m related to, my friend.


A disgruntled, rightwing, combat veteran “extremist”!

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  1. CJ. I was worried when I saw you post this, but I must say I am not surprised. I really would expect nothing less. Unless you are ordered by your superiors, or bound by UCMJ or a regulation to stay quiet during this process, then you are innocent until proven guilty and are free to continue enjoying and exercising your 1st Amendment rights. Bravo to you my friend. I am glad you took the weekend to think it through and put together such a great posting. And yes you are right “we” do know who this asshole is…I mean some of us work in technology for goodness sake. There is no such thing as being anonymous on the internet, just ask all the pedophiles caught every day.

  2. *gasp* You typed TEXAS in small letters? lol

    It’s good to see my fiesty friend this morning. Whoever made these allegations obviously does not know you, or they would realize how absurd they look.

  3. Saddle Up! CJ!
    Take NO Prisoners!

  4. Thank you for all you do CJ. love you, buddy

  5. Thank for sharing this CJ. Keep speaking your voice my friend! I’ll buy you a drink Friday night because the world is a better place because of people like you. Hooah!

  6. CJ,
    When you run for office (and I hope someday that you will) I can only hope that I can serve with you!
    We are here behind you and supporting you!
    Keep up the great job and we’ll keep reading and responding.

  7. As a former Airman, I can tell you, this Chairforce individual is acting alone and does not represent the USAF as a whole.

    While the Air Force chain has been incredibly slow to realize the potential IO impact of encouraging they’re troops to blog, they do respect the freedom of speech very much so long as OPSEC it maintained. But then, I’ve got loads of issues with the USAF chain of command, but thats based on never really being with the Air Force much and getting little, if any, real support beyond the CAS we called in while co-located with the US Army.

    C.J. this former Airman’s got your back and will do what ever is necessary to instigate a Congressional level investigation should the IG fail to respect the freedom of speech of our nations military. Any restriction of the right, especially under you true name, with the disclaimer, is a violation of not only liberty, but trust.

  8. Well, I was waiting to see how you were gonna feel after the weekend, and I guess we all know. It’s good to see your not gonna just sit idly by on this. Good luck and I’ll talk to ya soon.

  9. What a crock.

    You gonna be at the Milblog COnvo this weekend?

  10. One point of contention, CJ.

    The constitution doesn’t grant us jack shit. We, the people, give the government specific, enumerated powers through the Constitution, and we made certain that the specific, enumerated rights in the same document were there to tell the government that these rights were our, always have been, and they have no recourse to change them. Further, anything not discussed in the Constitution is left to the states, and then the people.

    Rights are never given or granted, they are inalienable and exist by the nature of being.

    But other than that, yeah, this guy needs an ass-whooping.

  11. Good for you, CJ!

    You are right, you have done nothing wrong. It always amazes me that we have incredibly childish people out there, as adults, who will still “run and go tell!” If this person didn’t like what you were saying, or didn’t agree with you, they could have just left and not come back to the blog. But NOOOOOOOO! They had to pull the “Ummmmmm, I’m gonna tell” card.

    You keep doing what you are doing, and ignore the idjit that hasn’t grown up past the 3rd grade. Karma is a beyotch, it is a woman, and it will find him.

  12. GOOD for you CJ! There are lots of us “kissin’ cousins” who have your back. Just holler!

  13. CJ, there is a motto that my father passed onto me. It is in Latin and from what I understand not to uncommon. “Illegitimi Non Carborundum” - Literally translated as, Don’t let the bastards grind you down. My dad always said don’t let the bastards get you down. This has been a mantra of mine whenever I feel like going all right wing extremist. (Disclaimer: I am not a right wing extremist and will never be one, but take out the extremist and I fit just well)

  14. Hooorah! We may like to poke fun at our brothers and sisters in other branches. But, when it’s time to get our gameface on we all are under the same oath and fighting the same cause. It shames me to see some peon disgrace the uniform and not man up if they disagree with another’s opinion.

    Keep up the good fight, Brother!

  15. ..maybe someone should enlighten that “uneducated reader” about blogging..there is always a “COMMENT” section where we can agree or disagree….that is what blogging is all about; not hateful mean nasty rebuttals. We are adults; not children in grade school.
    CJ keep up the great work…you are absolutely #2 in my blogging world..(guess who #1 is???) hahaha

  16. CJ, WE HAVE YOUR 360!!


  17. Carol, part of the problem is that this moron DID use the comments of this blog. And when he tried to tell me I violated Army regulation and DOD Directives (both of which I am intimately aware of), I told him to “Go to hell!” That, of course, hurt his delicate pee pee and he went crying to mama. Maybe next time I’ll kindly tell him to “Go south of heaven!” so as not to hurt his feelings again. No! I’ll stick with telling him to go to hell. Some people I have no patience for.

  18. CJ, you add too much to the milblogosphere to spend too much time on this poor excuse for a human being. That person needs a good attitude adjustment - should have been taught to think, too.
    My Dad also said don’t let the bastards get you down. A lot. heh

  19. CJ, good for you standing up for your rights, because you’re standing up for ours as well. I do “hide” behind a nom d’ plume, but all those who I’ve worked for and with have always had free access to my writing and know who I am. It’s dorks like your hall monitor that I avoid with it.

    Give me his name and I will make him famous. You know I can turn this cat inside out. All I need is a name.

    In the meantime, you are a symbol for all of us who are saying what we need to say, who are presenting a point of view earned through and educated by being part and parcel of this nation’s sword, spear, and shield. Your voice is important precisely because it causes trembling in the hearts of such wienies as your little Air Force hall monitor.

    To the hall monitor: This will not end well for you. Your name will grace my page one day, and I and my brothers and sisters will lance your soul with a vigor that will make you wish that the letters “IG” had never passed through your insipient fobbit mind. Nick Meo will pity you, and anonymous posters will print my words and put them up on your unit bulletin board within five minutes after you have ripped them down for the nth time. Your superiors will shun you and your subordinates’ laughs will echo in your ears as you leave every room. You will have to threaten UCMJ to force your compatriots to even pretend that they respect you, for what you are doing and what you have done is totally disreputable and heinous. And when you finally press one of these actions home, as you are wont to do, your superiors will counsel you that you earned this ignominy with your asininity. I will call you by name, and I will shame you as the quisling that you are for attempting to abrogate the rights of another serving member of this nation’s Armed Forces.

    Like I said, this will not end well for you. Shame is coming, my little Air Force hall monitor, you are in a pillory already and you just don’t know it yet.

  20. Old Blue, remind me never to get on your bad side! Thanks for the support to you and everyone else. I spoke to my Battalion Commander and Command Sergeant Major today and they don’t seem too worried about this.

  21. Sorry you’re having to deal with this PIA, but it looks like you’ve definitely got a handle on it and I’m glad you’ve obviously got more backup than you could ever possibly need.

    See you this weekend!

  22. Hang in there CJ. I am proud of you. Keep up the good work. dad

  23. Not to worry. Only people of the type of Janet Napolitano, who label returning veterans as possible terrorists, can see harm in voicing one’s opinion. No problem in their technique, either, because when they refuse to hear your voice, it is then that we will return to the old standard of voicing one’s opinion, that of using stones and clubs. We know who wins in that game, and it isn’t politically correct liberal lawmakers.

  24. I’m probably classified as a Left-wing extremist, but I respect and admire you and your blogging efforts and upholding the good conversation that it encourages. May those who attempt the thrwart this last bastion of free speech take their toys and go home.

  25. We’re with you — the brownshirts will not succeed in this country.

  26. CJ,
    As another ‘veteran rightwing extremist’, let me say thank you for standing for the innate rights we all enjoy, being citizens of the greatest nation on Earth. And to the unnamed putz, remember, what goes around comes around. And CJ has the backing of enough brothers and sisters to make that event highly unpleasant for you. ‘Nuff said.

  27. CJ,
    Awesome, I knew there was a reason you popped in my head when I was reading those oath’s on the wall. I was concerned with the reasons behind the IG complaint to you and you know why, but now I see there was no call for concern. Well done my friend. GIVE EM HELL!!!!

  28. Pitchfork at the ready, CJ! When the time is right…..I can’t let Old Blue have ALL the fun.

    Soldier on!

  29. CJ,
    You know that we all are with you on this. I just can’t believe that someone would try to trample on your freedom of speech and especially when you didn’t do anything wrong. You have a right to free speech as a citizen of our great country! Hang in there and God Bless as you go through this! Keep up the good work and posts…..we love it !!

  30. Yes CJ I do recall that certain someone commenting on your blog but I took his comment more as a “bullying” comment. He may not have known at the time that he was “barking up the wrong tree” but I BET he knows it now. There is nothing worse than wishing you could take back words and I am sure that is where he is right now on this issue. Hopefully the next time he thinks about spouting off at someone; he will give it a second thought. (Did you notice I am being very nice? If I voiced what I really feel about him; they would put me under the jail.) Don’t MESS with CJ Grisham!!!

  31. Blogging the world military, rules and regs therein….

    By now most of your know about milblogger CJ Grisham’s travails with an Inspector General complaint.I’ve been chatting with CJ about this, and he assures me that he has powerful friends in his corner (and, based on the names, which is not my inf…

  32. Get ‘em CJ!

    I was wondering what happened to your blog- now I know. again.. GET ‘EM CJ!!

  33. CJ,

    Here’s another in-country, deployed active duty milblogger, checking in…

    Got your back, amigo…

    SGT B

  34. CJ,
    We’ve EARNED Our 1st Amendment Rights, as well as been lucky enough to be born to them. We’ve upheld our responsibilities that come with those rights. N’er shall we willingly relinguish those rights.

    As with Old Blue and the senseless attacks on him, you’ve responded to a threat and there are a thousand standing shoulder to shoulder with you. As with Old Blue, we do not take threats non-chalantly, nor do we believe appeasement is the right course of action.

    Keep us up to date. And let us know when and how we can assist.
    WOTN, more than just a single Veteran hiding in the shadows and not sidetracked by the Veteran that began the drive for the “rest of the story.”

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