Nanny Nation

This country’s leadership is severely out of touch and upside down. Congress is currently working on “credit card reform” legislation that will dicatate - again - to a private company what they can and cannot charge its customers. The point behind the legislation is to remove accountability by the American populace and replace it with a governmental nanny system.

Robert Gibbs told reporters today that the President is supporting a “fair, more honest, more transparent system” that will encourage customer not to worry about that pesky fine print on financial contracts they sign.

“If somebody get a credit card,” Gibbs said in responce to a question about the legislation, “they don’t find that their rates go up exponentially on a certain day based on fine print in a contract that no one is ever going to read.

Why isn’t the White House and Congress instead educating the American public to indeed READ THE DAMN FINE PRINT!?! I have purposely NOT applied for certain credit cards specifically because of the fine print. So, to use the administration’s own favorite phrase, “let me be clear.” When you say “no one is ever going to read” the fine print on credit card applications, you blatantly label every American as dumb, stupid, incompetent and illiterate. Now, you may be right. After all, look who won the election last year.

Credit card contracts are NOT hard to read, if you can put words together to make sentences and sentences together to make paragraphs. Your administration is pushing the Fed to create rules that codify interest rates and other policies and that is plain wrong! It is NOT the business of the United States government to tell companies how much they can and can’t charge for their products.

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