Our Liberal Universities Disrespect Veterans

Penn State has created a tutorial video to deal with all these “aggressive” veterans that are all over the place threatening their professors and bringing chaos to an otherwise perfectly legitimate liberal brainwashing! You have GOT to see this video. Watch it HERE.

4 Responses to “Our Liberal Universities Disrespect Veterans”

  1. I could be wrong here, but if the guy had indicated that he tried what the teacher had suggested, he might have more to stand on. His constant insisting that he deserved a better grade without substatiation didn’t exactly do it for me. Her suggestion to have someone review it didn’t seem to tickle his fancy and made him clearly adgitated.
    Sorry folks. You don’t get a grade by just going in a demanding it. Ending the conversation by a threat only makes it worse.

  2. David, look beyond the fiction of the storyline. Look at the substance behind how they’re portraying our veterans. This isn’t a movie review here. It’s how the Universities are portraying troops on our campuses.

  3. I watched it again, and the addition thing that was apparent was that they made note “Oh, the vet” when inquiring which student. This seemed to be an effort to single him out. I have to ask the other side of the argument in that should standards be relaxed to allow someone to achieve something. I went through a hard city college in NYC. Many of the professors had the attitude of “my way or the highway” they applied to all students regardless of their background. One accounting class I had, a woman brought two dictionaries to class so she could understand what was going on.
    I get that this seemed to be a training video about “give him boundaries” that could have been done better. I would have liked the department head to say something like “work with him, he’s been through a lot, fighting for our country”. My concern is that you would not want to see it going the other way and advocate special treatment.

  4. No, vets do not need to be treated any differently than other students as it relates to grades. I’ll be honest, some veterans aren’t the most articulate folks! My point isn’t to advocate for lax standards for vets, but this video would be offensive if I were one to take offense to such silly people.

    I agree with your last sentiment, which is really where I’m perved about this video. Instead of being realistic, the school chose a “oh crap, not the military” stance to addressing this issue. You notice the teacher didn’t want to personally assist him and just pushed him off on the education center or whatever is was.

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