Let them have it

Cap and Trade, “Healthcare Reform,” a new Supreme Court Justice. The Democrats have control of Congress and the White House. Americans gave it to them. Very often it feels as if liberalism is all the rage in the United States.

Let them have it.

You can’t stop it, anyway. We are still a year and a half from the next Congressional elections. Forestalling the “program” will only keep the horrible effects of the Democratic domestic agenda from fully taking hold before the next elections. They’re going to take what they want, anyway. Let them have it. Let them have what they want. You don’t have to vote for it. The time to vote is past. Sit back and watch them tear this mother down.

It won’t take long for those in the middle… those caught up in the “spirit of the moment,” those who were so easily convinced that our lives suck so much that we needed such “change” to feel the discomfort of the weight of government on their backs. Don’t let it be eased upon them, let it slam into all of our shoulders with the full weight of the overlord that is to become. Let us all feel the crushing weight of having those who would legislate against us for our own good succeed. It will happen, anyway. They have the votes… because many Americans didn’t.

Sit back, relax as best you can, and watch the show as America kicks her own ass. The “majority” has asked for a good asskicking, and they shall have it. You cannot stop them. Your next best hope is a year and a half away, and Dick Cheney is still taking point against the liberals and progressives. Rush Limbaugh is still shrilly crying out in ridiculous ways. Cheney has no credibility with the common American and Limbaugh is doing more harm than good. He makes so little sense to the average American that he is actually driving people away and helping the other side. The Tea Parties make an awesome statement, but they are not able to influence the liberal lawmakers who have all the votes they need without having to court the right.

The right doesn’t have a point man, or woman, who can coherently stand against the left. McCain is doing an admirable job. He’s the only one on his side of the aisle who is making reasoned statements. He’s also the “failed presidential candidate.” The liberals revel in the fact that there is no acceptable leader, none who anyone outside of the far right, will follow. McCain has been rendered moot. Republicans wouldn’t even vote for him. McCain wasn’t good enough for them.

So six million of them… or more… failed to vote. While Democrats turned out in unprecedented numbers, there were still millions fewer votes cast in 2008 than in 2004. Fewer votes cast! A minimum of six million Republicans failed to live up their responsibilities to vote.

You know that they did. Who didn’t hear Republicans claiming that there wasn’t really a Republican in the race? We all did. Well, that’s fine then. They made their little personal protest by not voting for anyone. In so doing, they screwed themselves and the rest of the country. It wasn’t just the presidency, it was Congress as well. If you are one of them who failed to get off their ass and vote, shame, shame on you!

The nation has spoken while a goodly portion of the right side of its brain was asleep. A single party has full control and has been running rampant. We had the equivalent of a national stroke, and we did it willfully. The checks and balances built in by the framers of the Constitution have had their hard work rendered useless by millions of petulant “Republicans.” While the left cries out that it has a mandate, all you have to do is look at the numbers. They didn’t have a landslide, millions stayed home and failed to vote. It wasn’t a victory of the left so much as a failure of the right.

Let them have their agenda. Let them have it. Let them have it all quickly so that we can feel the sting more fully and perhaps be woken up by the slap of oppression on our backs. Let us begin to feel the crushing “kindness and fairness” of liberalism. Let socialism begin to make an impact on our daily lives and let it come come quickly so that there is no creeping anesthesia… because this is going to hurt, and we as a nation deserve it. Find new leadership, as the left did, and back him or her.

Here’s a hint: Sarah Palin is not that point woman. She may be a player, but she is not the point woman. That bolt has been shot.

Perhaps the slap of overwhelming governmental control will awaken the nation (or enough of it) from its opiated state, quit selling its liberty for the siren song of governmental coddling, and vote again. Perhaps liberalism will finally show itself for what it is, perhaps strong men and women will never again lay down and let socialism walk over them, and the tree of liberty will again be refreshed. Do it before the memory of handing over our liberty for the sake of “safety” and being “taken care of” fades. Do while patriots still walk the earth and have strength in their arms.

We will always have our weak-minded. We will always have those who yearn for the government to take care of them, those who will gladly hand over their liberty for the mock safety of the blanket of government. There will always be those whose higher power is the government… it is their solution to the ills of the world.

Let them have it, and let us all taste it so that we will know the bitterness of it and remember. I am convinced that most of us will rebel against it, and a revolution of sorts will occur… people will remember why it’s important to vote, even if it is not a perfect choice… and those couch potatoes who protested McCain by sitting on their butts will realize that such self-destructive “statements” are never the answer to a threat to liberty. Perhaps they will show up and vote. We will have a chance to restore personal liberty and responsibility and reestablish some balance in Congress so that no one agenda can rule this nation in this way again. For now, there is nothing that anyone can do except interfere momentarily with the progress of the liberal agenda. That only softens the blow. We need to have it all crash down on us like a ton of bricks, as painfully as possible, so that there will be the will to roll it back.

4 Responses to “Let them have it”

  1. The time is coming…pay close attention.

  2. Nice way to give up the ship. I guess rolling over and playing dead is one way to do it. I’d rather have a part in what’s happening then not. Maybe its just me, but I don’t give up so easy.

  3. What part do you have in anything? The politicians aren’t listening to anyone but themselves. OB1 has lied, lied, lied, and it’s glaringly apparent now. You cannot do a dam* thing but sit back and watch this country implode, at his hands, like the rest of us.

  4. Obama and his fellow Socialists are destroying this country’s economy for the sole purpose of re-making it as a socialist “nanny-state” like those in Europe.

    The American people elected this guy in part because of anti-Bush propaganda form the so called lame-stream media. I study his speeches and his actions and I believe it’s important to listen to what he says because all too many times, he’s telegraphed what he intends to do.

    Three days before the ’08 election he stated, “we are three days from transforming the United States of America.”

    Too many people just cheered, caught up in Obamamania and what they failed to relaize is that he was telling them that he was going to “re-make” American society, culture and government and in ways many of us won’t like.

    His economics are socialist/Marxist but his implementation and enforcement will be Fascist. He and his lackeys are already doing it by turning Americans against other Americans. Instead of scapegoating Jews like Hitler did, he is scapegoating Christians, conservatives, businessmen, insurance companies and so on. Much like Hitler used bankers, the Krupps, the Thyssens and others, Obama is using the media to smear those who would disagree.

    Unfortunately, he controls the WH and his lackeys and stooges control the House and Senate. One can only hope that the voters do something about making Nancy Peelosi the FORMER Speaker of the House in September 2010. And while we’re at it, let’s hope the voters in NV send Harry Reid home next year UNEMPLOYED.

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