Seems like simple choice

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  1. I know…I know…so simple is the answer, a monkey could pick it. Not chimpus though. His answer is to bankrupt us, raise our taxes, pay off the environmental nuts that voted him into office, not go for victory in A’stan, and mess with the defense budget so we are less safe, and unable to react quickly to anything that may come our way. Three cheers for the worthless hope and change! Pffft…

  2. You mean we should take the F-22′s that the DOD didn’t think was necessary and is only being supported by the congressmen where they are being made?
    Perhaps we shouldn’t be energy independant afterall?? Maybe Vets and other Americans don’t need real healthcare choices?
    Just wonderin…

  3. We sure as heck don’t need the OBAMA Healthcare mess.

  4. ObamaCare and Cap & Trade (Tax) are negative, the F-22 is positive.

    So – protection – positive – keep. (We are going to need it.)

    Country destroying ObamaCare and Cap & Trade (Tax) benefit only a few of “The One’s” very good “buddies” and him of course. (Negative/harmful – get rid of. Or rather, don’t allow. {don’t have them yet – must stop the destruction before it has a chance to take hold.})

    Positive – keep.
    Negative – toss!

  5. Lots of small Air Natl Guard units still have F-16 or F-18 and since those were grounded due to being unsafe, they were waiting on the F-22s. So instead of having 5-10 F-22s guarding the West Coast, we have ONE.

  6. Sorry, Chris. Talk to DOD. They didn’t see the merits of the ’22. What people don’t realize is that healthcare will bankrupt us if we do nothing. Why not fix it?

  7. Like they fixed Social Security?

  8. I love the Obama supporters, and demogogues. Their whole schtick is to put the fear of God into people that if we “don’t act quickly, the sky will fall on us and kill us all.” Well…how’d that work for the stimulus that OB1 wanted passed quick, without congress reading? Dems need to get a clue. We have issues in this country that NEED fixed, but fixing is NOT, I repeat NOT, rushing headlong into a wall, guns a blazin’, no time to read, debate, think, research, poll, sample, test, an issue. When you hurry up and do something, without careful thought and consideration, there’s a screw job waiting to happen.

    I don’t want politicians hurrying up and voting in any dang thing. If the healthcare proposal they have in the works isn’t good enough for Congress, or Obama himself, I DON’T WANT IT! Why should the American people get sloppy seconds, half-a$$ed fixes, and partisan bs. The CBO already determined the nationalized healthcare plans to cost the American taxpayer more money, Americans are saying that they don’t want it. Politicians need to start listening instead of playing fast and loose with OUR money!

    One of the issues they are tossing around for this healthcare bonanza is making people with pre-existing conditions, like diabetes, pay more to their healthcare premiums. If diabetes is a target, what else is. The government needs to slow the heck down, think, and take their time. PERIOD!

  9. Shannon,
    The idea of the post was to pick between four options. To put it in your context, do we rush a half-baked plane that DOD said doesn’t meet their demands to Chris so he can protect the West Coast or do we get it right the first time.
    I agree with you in the sense that this shouldn’t be done overnight and frankly don’t like the imposed deadline of “before Aug recesss. I’d rather them blow the deadline and get a solution that works then make some timeline that OB setup. The other side of this is also quite accurate. If he hadn’t put up a deadline and a goal, the debate and work wouldn’t have even gotten this far.

  10. Rush a half-baked plan? They have been waiting for years for those planes.

  11. Then why did DOD cancel them?

  12. The DOD cancelled the plane because what else could they cut? Healthcare for the wounded vets, nope. Promotion pay for those that made the next grade, nope. Healthcare for retired vets, nope. Funding the pull out of Iraq, nope. Funding the war in Afghanistan, nope. There’s precious little that can truly be afforded to be cut at this point. The services to be hit by cuts will be the AF and Navy at this point and time, as they also cut an air craft carrier along with the F22′s.

    BIG MISTAKE in my opinion. When you are at war you NEVER cut the defense budget. We aren’t the biggest military, but we are the best. Start taking away the growth needed to keep our people at the top of the heap, and you are opening doors that people shouldn’t open. Start cutting budgets and yelling it from the rooftops, and see what happens. People aren’t giving the bad guys of the world enough credit, and that could be a very large downhill slide for us in the near future.

  13. NY

    I think you are going a bit overboard with your synopsis of “do we rush a half-baked plane that DOD said doesn’t meet their demands to Chris so he can protect the West Coast or do we get it right the first time.”

    Nothing else could be cut, the DOD had to give a reason for the cuts, to avoid having to cut other things, or answer why other things wouldn’t get cut, and the plane was the easiest target. As for half baked ideas…anything coming out of this new administration is half baked. Not only do they NOT put the time and effort into scaling down the expense of their ideas’, but they rush through to vote without even reading the bills. And the alarming amount of money they are spending, and amount of pork they are piling in, is not slowing or stopping.

    The whole process smells of “we have our chance, lets pass anything and everything before we get canned. Who gives a damn about the American public, I gots mines!” Yeah, the slang, fad, uneducated lingo fits the puds on the hill now. It’s not ok for the pubs to spend-spend-spend, but it is ok if the libs do it? That sorry excuse doesn’t compute with a logical, thinking, educated, American citizen. Dems are losing ground all over, and Obama’s numbers are beginning to hit the downhill slope. I think that is proof enough that people weren’t expecting, and weren’t wanting, this type of “change” in our country.

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