Lunch Time In ObamaLand

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  1. Very funny, but off mark, as usual.

  2. Looks dead on to me…

  3. Looks like it explains the predicament rather well…

  4. Yes, its dead on with the Republican fear-mongering going on and doesn’t bear out with reality. Boy, doesn’t anyone read these days?

  5. Here’s more accurate picture, minus the cute comics –
    Kid comes to school with their own lunch. Fine, eat.

    Kids comes to school and wants to buy lunch. Fine, pony up!

    Now where the rubber meets the road

    Kid comes to school and can’t afford lunch. Fine, better to eat to help the education process now then jail time later on, both of which the government pays for, the second one being more expensive. Kid might be embarrassed by lunch tickets look different and a lunch they may not like, but at least its something.

    Kid comes in from another school district and demands lunch without paying. No luck.


  6. LMAO! NY-David, I thought you had more class than to break out with the “fear-mongering”…

  7. Perhaps you can tell me what else to call accusations of statements on a bill that are false?

  8. What statements on the bill have been false? I’m assuming you’re talking about the conservative falsehoods, not the liberal ones.

  9. Let’s see – conservative false statements:
    “Nationalization of Health Care” – Where in this bill does the government intend to own hospitals??
    “Use of death panels to discourage treatment of older people”.
    End of life planning is considered a responsibility, more people should do it.
    Shall i name more? I’d post Liberal ones as well if I could find any.

  10. David, this bill DOES nationalize health care. If forces Americans to purchase something they may not otherwise purchase. It forces end of life counseling, which some are calling death panels. When private companies have to compete with the government, private companies go away and the government takes over.

    Now, I know you and I truly hope you were joking about not having heard any liberal falsehoods! Dude, seriously!

  11. I’m not sure how anyone can force you to have EOL counseling.
    Left-leaning mis-statements I’ve heard are so nutty, I don’t take them seriously. The most recent one was someone commenting on CNN that the government will pay for insurance for everyone and it will be the same caliber that Congress has.
    As for more of my opionion that I’ve been putting out in different posts, I’ll add another one. I think the a coop solution is better then the government-run one for a low-end option.
    I understand about concern that a government sponsored healthcare might drive other insurance companies out, but I don’t think its going to happen. There’s no vested interest in it. I’ll change my mind next year if we are still holding onto GM.

  12. Classic !

    NY-David How much is 0 paying you to post on this blog to try and twist everything around ?

  13. Sorry, Maria. Its called “truth”. I know its now always convenient for some.

  14. NY-David before you speak to as what is “truth” maybe you should actually read the bill and a good place to start is Section 1233 . After you have read it and see how much choice you will actually have , you don’t because that choice will be left to someone else.

  15. {NY-David, on August 30th, 2009 at 10:20 pm Said:

    I’m not sure how anyone can force you to have EOL counseling.}

    They cant force you to, but then they probably dont have to pay for your treatments either.

  16. Mike, respectfully, that’s with any insurance company, that you may get denied care.

    Maria, I’d happily read what you are talking about if I had the full url. My current reference is HR 3200 using the Thomas summary version. I don’t have the stomach for reading all 1000 pages of it.
    To be fair, there are parts that I don’t like. I think there should be a low cost option, but I think it is better done via a COOP, rather then the government doing it. I’m also not a fan of single payer.

  17. NY-David – How convenient that you have not read it but sit here and lecture others on what is the truth.

  18. Maria,
    As I indicated here and in previous posts, I read the Thomas Summary version, not the 1017 pages. Another summary exists here-
    As you challenged me, I will take some Pepto and read that section in its entirity.

  19. So the summary you used is from a nonpartisan site(yeah right) that uses a summary from a website group that was founded by the Congress when Clinton was in office……

  20. Mike, was started, according to their site, in 2004. and yes, Senator Clinton was in office then, but I think you may have been referring to Bill Clinton. Govtrack gets its information from Thomas, which is part of the Library of Congress.
    What version have you read??

  21. I was reading the actual bill, not a summary….I could see how you would bash me if all I did was read a summary.

    THOMAS was launched in January of 1995, at the inception of the 104th Congress. The leadership of the 104th Congress directed the Library of Congress to make federal legislative information freely available to the public. Since that time THOMAS has expanded the scope of its offerings to include the features and content listed below.

    So Thomas doesnt count as a website group that was founded in 1995? Just because they have a website now doesnt mean they were not around before Al Gore invented the internet……

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