The President of Partisanship

President Barack Obama was supposed to be a lot of different things to a lot of different people. He was supposed to be the first post-racial president. He was supposed to be the uniter. He was supposed to be the answer to our economic woes. He was supposed the stalwart of national defense. All he’s [...]

Race: The left continues to divide us

The far left continues to use the old strategy “divide and conquer”.  Why?  Because a divided populace is easier to control.  You can pit one group against the other.  This allows you to keep and amass more power by placating to every group and taking responsibility for nothing.  After all, it will be someone else’s [...]

Obama Criticism Flow Chart

In light of my posting yesterday about how we ARE all cowards when dealing with race, I thought this graphics would help explain some things and make it a little more clear as to what Pelosi, Carter, Wright, Jones, and the others have been trying to say. H/T to for this great flow-chart explaining [...]