Hey, Teachers! Leave Them Kids Alone!

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  1. Let me go out on a limb here. You are against it??

  2. Let me go out on a limb here…Stay with me on this one….You are here to complain about everything that doesn’t go with your suck Obama’s dick agenda….

    “Look at me, I’m NY-David, I like to criticize anything not Pro-Obama with summaries and can’t really think for myself. I only see 1+2, but I don’t see that it equals 3. I can only tell people that they are fear mongerers for suggesting that 3 is a number. No I wont admit I am wrong when they call me on it, because I am right! I will simply not post on that particular topic again and go cry myself to sleep, defeated, until another post comes up. Yes, another post! Thats it! They will simply forget that I was defeated!! Where am I? Am I late for work?”

  3. Mike,
    Since you’ve decided to attempt to be my project manager as well, I’ll give you an update.
    I’m about 90% done with responses to Troy’s comments which I will post later this weekend.
    I’m half way done with reading the section of a bill which no one else (except for one) has claimed to have read. I don’t have unlimited time to spend on the subject.
    I corrected myself about when I originally said a certain Marine walked out from a townhall.
    As for you other comment, its too disgusting to warrent a response except for saying that if you think I’m anti-war, you can check my comments at http://www.soldiersperspective.us/2009/09/02/reuters-is-full-of-ignorant-morons/#comments
    I’m here to learn and present my opinion and I do both. Whether I get defeated in the process doesn’t matter.

  4. Let me translate:

    NY-David: “I have posted questions on all of my left-leaning websites, and while waiting for the answers I jacked-off to President Obama’s Inauguration. It has taken awhile because my friends aren’t too bright.
    I have found a summary from my left-leaning websites from that section of the bill, but at four sentences it will take a long time for me to read.
    If my computer wouldn’t have froze while I was typing blindfolded while fighting ninjas, the keyboard wouldn’t have said that the Marine walked out from a townhall.
    To make myself look like a good guy since I was trashed here by admitting that I read a summary of a bill while I was trying to do my flame-war, I posted a comment on another site that has nothing to do with anything Mike posted.
    I’m here to troll a pro-thinking website, anytime those fearmongerers make fun of my man President Obama, I must bring up how President Bush’s fault or that Bush did worse. I used to throw up everyday I had to work knowing that the international terrorist was running my country. When I am wro…wro…wro…not %100 ri..ri..ri..right, I hope no one will notice. Damnit where is the next post so I can get out of this…..”

  5. Mike, we should try to keep the conversation as focused as possible. This personal attacking is not becoming and doesn’t further an argument in any way. It detracts from the legitimacy of the person making the comment.

  6. NY David– I doubt Troy really cares whether you comment to his posts or not. Are you giving up because you know he is ALWAYS right? Have a nice day!!

  7. I didn’t think Troy was waiting on baited breath for my comments, but if I say I’m going to reply, generally I do. I also don’t quit very easily. I find I’m usually in disagreement with everyone on this site, but regardless, I have a great deal of respect for everyone as we all care deeply about our country and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

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