She was not quite good enough

Since President Obama was selected yesterday as the winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize there has been lots of strong feelings and comments from all sides. Personally I think the idea of giving it to him is an outrage and makes the award worthless and disrespects all those before him who have won. Not only because he has been in office for less than a year and has not really done anything tangible, but also because the nomination deadline was only 12 days after he was nominated. So was he nominated on “hope” that he would do something? Shouldn’t there be a minimum criteria for even being nominated?

The Nobel prize for science seems to have this criteria and I think is still something that is regarded as a high honor. But just giving this to Obama will make many in American question any award with the name “Nobel” in it.

Many people do many great things in this world for many reasons, of which none are ever an award. Nobody gets up and sacrifices every day in hopes of getting an award like the Nobel Peace Prize, however I think it is a slap in the face of those that have done tons of great things to see this guy who has done nothing get it. I mean what could it be for? Giving away our interrogation secrets, keeping Gitmo open, creating more Czars than any other President, lowering the level of protection and security that we have as a country by canceling the missile defense shield but not getting anything in return from Russia, making empty threats to Iran, not being able to make a decision on Afghanistan? What could be the reason?

Compare those “accomplishments” with those made by Dr. Sima Sumar.

Dr. Samar was the first Hazara woman to obtain a medical degree from Kabul University, back in 1982. After a four-month residency at Wazir Akhbar Khan Hospital in Kabul, she was forced to flee for her life as Soviets and Mujahedeen fought bloody street battles in the capital. She returned to her home village of Jaghoori, where she began treating the sick in rural Afghanistan. Soon the Russians arrested her husband and, once again Dr. Samar fled, this time with her young son, to Pakistan. In Pakistan she founded a clinic to treat refugees of the war in Afghanistan and has since described the conditions in the refugee camps as “appalling.”

You can read the rest of Dr. Sumar’s story and learn a lot more about her by heading over to my buddy, PJ Tobia’s blog at

Dr. Sumar is just one of what I am sure many overly qualified people that could have been great choices to win this once-respected award. It is truly sad that the Nobel selection board is so biased and so slanted to one side that they too have drunk the kool-aid that the ultra left liberals are serving.

There is no way anyone can come up with an argument on why he deserved this. If you think you can, then I invite you to “BRING IT” in the comments and I will be glad to shut your argument down with facts.

5 Responses to “She was not quite good enough”

  1. I agree that the Nobel Peace Prize has become the Nobel Politics Prize.


  2. I honestly feel he got the NPP just to “slap President Bush in the face”! Obomber certainly has NEVER done ANYTHING to deserve any kind of award. I am still vomiting…………………!!

  3. I agree that awarding Obama with the Nobel has diminished the value of that “reward”. He has done NOTHING to earn it. The only value that the Nobel holds now it the money that the recipiant gets with it.
    (even tho Obama “claims” that he will give that money to charity. What does he consider a worthy charity? Al Quieda? Hammas? Other terrorist groups? Hmm.)

  4. It’s disgusting that he won, where is the integrity?

  5. I don’t agree that Obama was an approprate choice for the award at this point and I thought his remarks about the award were about right. He acknowledged that he didn’t deserve it and he used it to call attention.
    I have to imagine that the award did them no favors under the current bashing he’s now getting as a result and the tempory focus it took off Health Care and the Afghan War.

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