Video of the Day: Priorities

I have given this video the title of Priorities. It really puts things in perspective and puts a human face on the political BS of Washington DC.

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  1. Wow! Excellent video, thanks for sharing it.

    Anyone else hear how ACORN is able to get funding through the Army’s CFC? Campaigns running now, and YOUR donations are funding a group that gave pointers on ow to defraud the government on taxes, and continuously turns in fraudulent voter registrations. How about them apples? o CFC donations from this family this year…

    link to story…

  2. WoW!! This tore me up. As each day passes you don’t always realize how MANY we have sacrificed just in the past couple months. NO ONE can watch this while staying dry-eyed or you are not human in my book. God Bless their souls and God Please Bless America!!

  3. I wish this much contemplation went into starting both wars the first time.

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