So this is what our own military thinks of us?

This picture is reported to have been taken on Ft. Benning (the home of the Infantry and future home of the Armor). Based on this sign and the one next to it, I assume it is located at the Provost Marshall or Military Police office on base.

What this picture is saying is that if you don’t register your weapons, then you are a terrorists. This is disgusting. How could any part of a military organization allow this sign to be posted. I did not realize that being considered a murdering and filthy terrorist was considered such a light-hearted issue. Why don’t they just say “If you don’t register your weapons you are a unpatriotic, baby and innocent killing bastard that should die”?

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  1. Was this more than likely simply a boneheaded attempt at humour, or less possibly, someone actually serious?

    Feliz Navidad Comrades.

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