Country Singer On Hiatus

Hello Military Pundits readers! I just wanted to pop in to let everyone know that I will resume contributing when I return from somewhere in the Middle East. While I know that it is commonplace for deployed soldiers to blog, I am unfortunately under direct orders to not blog while deployed due to the nature [...]

What is Accountability?

I have also used the quote of “You can delegate responsibility, but not accountability” I am thinking I need to send Charlie Rangel the definitions of each and what that quote means. How does the guy keep a straight face when talking to the press and actually say that he should not be held accountable [...]

Biden and Gibbs are idiots

I was planning to write up a huge posting about how the Gaf-master Biden took credit on behalf of the Administration for the success in the Iraq war and then how Robert “I am better than all of you” Gibbs tried to defend this statement. Well in the interest of time and because my friend [...]

Frozen Wasteland

H/T to for this video. This video goes perfectly with the posting I put up yesterday. Not only is it very funny, but completely accurate.

An Inconvenient Lie

Hey there Al gore, lets talk about you Chicken Little Rants of Global Warming.  How is that working out for the people in DC? Or the people in Philly? Or New York City?  Hmm, it looks like all your lies and claims about hot temperatures are nothing more than your own HOT AIR!! Good Job [...]

When a President has no military background

Not only is the video an example of a President that has no experience and no military background, it is also an example of a President who reads his tele-prompter VERBATIM and does not know the context of which he is speaking. This is truly sad that the President of our United States, he Commander-in-Chief [...]

Video of the Day: Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration

H/T to Uncle Jimbo over at Blackfive for turning me onto this video. This is a professionally done video of a great song. Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration is Soomo Publishings first satirical project and is part of our ongoing effort to facilitate learning in creative, innovative ways. To see more original and educational [...]

Her Majesty Queen Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is wasting our country’s money at an astonishing rate. Not even on her constituents, but on herself. She should be brought up on Fraud, Waste, and Abuse charges ASAP. Interestingly enough, over $100,000 of which was for alcohol and food. What is she eating, unicorn steaks? Go to in order to read [...]