Of tipping islands and tilting at windmills….

Hank Johnson is a Democratic congressman from Georgia whose recent comments have erupted into ridicule and criticism.  During a House Armed Services Committee Hearing, a Hank Johnson Guam tip over remark was made.  Johnson noted that a marine build-up might cause a Guam capsize.

Johnson’s remarks came as Admiral Robert Willard had been giving testimonial about building up more military along Guam.   Johnson made the comment: “My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.”  Willard responded back “We don’t anticipate that.”  Willard added that they would add only 25,000 more into the Guam population so it shouldn’t be an issue. Link

Is Rep Johnson really that daft? Hard to say, as I’m not familiar with this guy….he is the replacement for Cynthia McKinney…..but it’s a common humorous sentiment in the military. When my unit was alerted for Just Cause in Panama, our Commander stated dryly that we would not be deploying because if anymore units airlanded……Panama would sink.

Though it’s quickly making the rounds on right wing blogs, my conclusion is that this is yet one more gaffe [Johnson is also fighting Hep C], Republican effort would be better spent repairing their image.

[Admin edit: I just wanted to add the video so you can see we don't make this stuff up!!]

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