Gunny Ermey voices his opinion

Here is a great clip of R. Lee Ermey appearing on behalf of Toys 4 Tots and while he had the mic, he shared a little of his opinion on the current administration. A must see. ┬áThe last line is the best “I know this Marine Corps is going to be here forever, this Administration [...]

The intellectual irrelevance and damaging effect of political parties

Academically, I don’t believe parties to be necessary whatsoever. But I realize that it’s easier; it’s lazy and it’s ultimately become the American way to rely not on the specific positions of a candidate or your own views as a voter, but on the party you support. Politics has increasingly morphed into less about ideas [...]

Final thoughts on DADT

Bottom line up front, I know that there will likely be some growing pains and serious incidents involving the repeal of DADT and the ability for gays to serve openly in our military. But unless the faith in this nation is waning, and we’re not really that exceptional after all….we can look to other western, [...]


Can someone just tell him to SHUTUP? I mean really, the guy is a boob and needs to quit opening his pie-hole about international matters, especially the war in Afghanistan. He keeps this up and my 2012 prediction may very well come true. Oh, you want to know what that is?   Obama dumps Biden [...]