Afghanistan’s “Loss” of $900 Million

Kabul Bank, Afghanistan’s largest bank, may have “lost” up to $900 million, through fraud and mismanagement. Though the Afghan government vows to keep the bank afloat, the money to do that will have to be drawn from an already strained budget. Officials fear that word of the magnitude of this loss could start a run [...]

Update From the Frontlines of War

THE FRONTLINES OF AFGHANISTAN In Afghanistan, the battles continue between coalition forces and members of Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Attacks in the past week by the insurgents have led to the attempted kidnapping of American citizens, a bombing of a local grocery store and frequent use of IEDs.  Since 2010, IED attacks have increased 60% [...]

Suicide Rate Out Of Control In The Military

Unbeknownst to most, last October was National Depression Month. In observance of the month the military tried to increase awareness about the issue within the ranks. However, did most of you know it was even National Depression Month? For many of us in the military we do not openly admit when we are feeling “blue” [...]

171,423 deployed Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans diagnosed with PTSD

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs (2010), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is defined as a condition resulting from exposure to direct or indirect threat of death, serious injury or a physical threat” (VA, 2010, p.1).The recent analysis and reporting on PTSD by Veterans groups and the medical community is commendable. According to the [...]

Guest Blogger, Major Frank Arouet: Follow up to the SOTU

We are all sad about Congresswoman Giffords. Not sad enought to have a pep rally and make t-shirts, but still, bummed. She’ll live, and even if she didn’t, get back to presidentin’. The economy is still broke dummy. You ran against GWB on his economy, and yours is exponentially worse. Spending trillions to “fix it” [...]