The Frontlines Weekly Update Part 1 (JUL 18-24, 2011)

To read the full edition check out: The Frontlines Weekly Update (JUL 18-24, 2011)   The Frontlines of Iraq Iraqi security forces have smashed an Al-Qaeda network in Iraq allegedly responsible for hundreds of killings in Baghdad, a senior police official said on Sunday.” Interior Ministry forces dismantled (an) Al-Qaeda network that was responsible for more [...]

Devastating is an understatement

It is really sad when the CJCS is not sure if warfighters on the front lines of the Global War on Terror will be able to get paid on time or not.  It is unclear if the United States will be able to pay troops on time in the event of a debt default, the [...]

First Afghan Female Military Pilots Arrive in US for Training

First Afghan Female Military Pilots Arrive in US for Training Sourya Saleh, wearing a black scarf to cover her hair and an olive drab Afghan Army uniform, doesn’t look like a cultural warrior. But she and three fellow Afghan women, the first of their gender to qualify as pilots in the Afghan Army, may help [...]

The Frontlines: TRICARE In The Firing Line

The Frontlines: TRICARE In The Firing Line Spiraling health care costs for military personnel are getting the attention of Congress, and for the first time in recent memory, some action to reduce such costs has been proposed.  TRICARE, the health care plan for the military, has been a very expensive plan. A retired soldier pays [...]

The Obama Doctrine Defined

THE FRONTLINES BULLETIN There have been several interesting articles in the news lately, this is one of the top three: The Obama Doctrine Defined The words “vacillating” and “aimless” are commonly used by both left and right to describe President Barack Obama’s approach to the Libya war. His political friends and foes alike lament that he [...]