About Genevieve

Genevieve Chase is a volunteer veteran spokesperson for Iraq and
Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) and is currently starting a
women veterans non-profit, American Women Veterans.

Chase enlisted in the US Army Reserve in 2003 and volunteered for
three years of active duty during which time she deployed to
Afghanistan where on April 7, 2006, while returning from a routine
meeting with local government officials, Chase’s vehicle was attacked
by a Suicide Vehicle Borne IED.

Chase was born at Fort Campbell, Kentucky and grew up in the Army. She
is the author of an online blog and does occasional work as a media
consultant on the portrayal of women in the military. She has been
featured in print, radio and TV interviews to include contributions to
Doonesbury’s The Sandbox, The New York Post, CNN, The Boston Globe,
multiple NPR interviews, “Bill Moyers Journal” and a PBS piece
focusing on “army brats” (children of military families).

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