An Inconvenient Lie

Hey there Al gore, lets talk about you Chicken Little Rants of Global Warming.  How is that working out for the people in DC? Or the people in Philly? Or New York City?  Hmm, it looks like all your lies and claims about hot temperatures are nothing more than your own HOT AIR!! Good Job [...]

Merry Christmas from MachoSauce

A Christmas message from MachoSauce that explains in his true and humorous fashion some history of Christmas and the Bible.


One for the Birthers

Seems like simple choice

Barack Obama gonna save the Day

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The new ObamaCard Commercial, priceless

MS Productions- Under my bus

Machosauce does it again and is singing in this one.

MS Productions -ZoNation

This guy cracks me up and says it like it is, all while making you laugh.

Photo of the day-Stupidity