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Main Entry: pun·dit
Pronunciation: ˈpən-dət
Function: noun
Defined as:
1. a learned person, expert, or authority.
2. a person who makes comments or judgments, esp. in an authoritative manner; critic or commentator.

The idea for this blog was born from the milblogging minds of Troy and CJ. We both maintain very popular milblogs that focus primarily on military issues. With everything going on in our country today in the world of politics, we both realized that there were more and more political (non-military) blog posts seeping into our blogs. In order to maintain the integrity of our respective blogs we decided to create militarypundits.com.

More than just an outlet for CJ and Troy to voice their opinion and views on political matters, we wanted to open it up to any and all military or past military members to also have a place to vent, unload, share or whatever they wanted to do about political matters. We have put together a group of milbloggers who represent both sides of the “aisle”, who belong to very different political parties, but most importantly who have all raised their hands and swore to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic.

If you are a military blogger who would also like a forum to share your political opinions, right or left, send us an email with your blog URL and why you’d like to join.  Military Pundits is designed to be an all-inclusive forum and not specifically reserved for conservatives or liberals.  In the spirit of the forthcoming “Fairness Doctrine” we present this forum as a bi-partisan place to hang your hat and let your rants fly. If you don’t want to be a regular contributor but would like to write and share something every once in a while and you have served in the military, send an email to [email protected] and let us know.

So this is why militarypundits.com exists, this is why we created it, and we hope this is why you are here reading it.

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  1. Greatr idea, guys! I’m honored to be here. Now to figger this thing out…

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