From Fantasy to Reality

Backseat driving, or Armchair quarterbacking? They both have the same meaning, and that is trying to tell someone how to do their job, what they do good in their job or what they do bad in their job without ever doing the task themselves. Throwing arrows at someone and criticizing everything decision they have made without having all the knowledge or ever serving in a position that gives you the “right and insight” to do that is another example of hypocritical backseat driving.

So now that the Big O (that used to refer to physical reaction from a woman during sexual climax, or maybe a website, or to Oprah Winfrey, but now I use that to address the larger than life President Obama), has been in the office for just a few days over a month and has received all the top-secret intelligence reports every morning he sees reality. He sees that many of the policies and decisions of the previous administration were there for a reason.

He may have campaigned on pulling out of Iraq in 16 months and and on closing down Gitmo in his first 100 days, and even pushed the agenda of surging forces into Afghanistan, but those fantasy ideas from outside the circle of reality no longer apply. This is why I said during the campaign on both my other blog and on You Served radio that you can only believe 10% of what a candidate says once they start running, because they will say whatever they think will get them votes. I stated a couple of weeks ago on the show that Obama’s biggest problem was not going to be the GOP as many in the MSM would like you to believe. His biggest problem is and will be the ultra-left liberals that all had an agenda for him to get into office and now feel he owes them. The Acorns, ACLU,, and the others that believed in his “Hope and Change” BS.

A new change on the Big O’s promises in fantasyland compared to what he will do in reality deals with detainee rights. You know the ACLU and liberals in Hollywood are just violently vomiting over this one. Click the link below to read the whole story.

I must admit that when I read this, I had a little smile on my face, and the “I told you so” song in my head. I fear with all my might that the “I told you so” song is going to get louder and it will directed to not only those that believe his load of crap while campaigning, but also to those like me that feared the triple threat (Obama, Reid, Pelosi) being in charge and what damage that will do to our country.

So now we see the Big O saying that we may have to be in Iraq 23 more months and he is considering that. Instead of having Gitmo closed in 100 days, he has now directed that they “look at” seeing if it can be closed within a year. As for surging forces, well we see 17K more about to go in, but not sure the MSM likes that. The blood from President Bush is drying up in their wolf-style mouths and they need a new prey to sink their teeth into. Well guess what, Iraq is pretty much won now. Now President Bush can hang the sign saying ‘Mission Accomplished’. There is no news there hardly anymore, or if there is, there are no MSM outlets there to cover it. Afghanistan is what I like to call the “Popular-Forgotten War” and now has the media attention for the first time in five years. The MSM wolves have crawled out of their post-inauguration sheep’s clothing and are back on the attack. That is why you see stupid and immature covers like this on Newsweek.

So the honeymoon is over, the ticker tape picked up and even though he is keeping some of his promises on economy, etc. The reality of what needs to be done in the Global War on Terror (see the Big O may have directed his administration from using that term anymore, but he can’t silence me) is starting to set in. Even though he rumors to show up late for meetings and not even start his day until 1130 AM, he is eventually getting those briefings and well the fantasy is over and the reality is exactly that real. Welcome to the hardest job in the world, Mr. President.

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