It’s Amateur Hour

The First Amateurs really laid it on for an adoring world public during their latest whirlwind tour. Beyond mia culpas cast about, bemoaning our “formerly” evil doings in the world, there were the typical amateur gaffes which have, at this point, become de rigeur in the Obama Presidency. An Australian Prime Minister was labeled, “The [...]

In God we trust…

Not in Allah we trust, not in Buddha we trust, not in some higher-entity-being we trust and certainly not in Darwin we trust. So what part of “This country was founded on Christian values” does this guy not understand? What [email protected]#[email protected]#$ planet is he from? You know, maybe he wasn’t born in the USofA because [...]

The Wall…

Another H/T to SK for this one.

Help Us, Mr. Jefferson

Probably one of the more applicable parodies in a long time. h/t to SK.