United States Subservience – Part II

The White House is continuing to lie to the American people about the fact that Obama subjugated the United States to the rule of the Saudi King. As the media hounded him about the way the WH was spinning the whole episode and catching him in lie after lie, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs [...]

This is what happens with Amateurs in office

If you let rookies and Amateurs in the the office of the President, then they show their true colors. The big O has no job being President as he has barely been a Senator or a leader in any other capacity. Since he has so little real-life experience, he has ended up surrounding himself with [...]

I Love Liberty

I’ve had some run-ins with the TSA and law enforcement as I’ve traveled the country on business and pleasure. My wife gets so nervous when we get pulled over or approach a checkpoint because she knows that I know my rights. I refuse to cooperate at DUI checkpoints because I know my 4th Amendment rights. [...]