Our Liberal Universities Disrespect Veterans

Penn State has created a tutorial video to deal with all these “aggressive” veterans that are all over the place threatening their professors and bringing chaos to an otherwise perfectly legitimate liberal brainwashing! You have GOT to see this video. Watch it HERE.

New Ranger Up T-Shirt

This is among the best shirts that will come out of 2009! Check this out: If you’d like to purchase one, go HERE or click on the image. If you order now you’ll get pre-order pricing!

Piracy is President Bush’s Fault

Well if you listen to idiots like Feingold, and most of the left-wing whackos then you probably believe that too. Quote from the story below “Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., offered his praised of the military but also said that piracy had long been neglected by the Bush administration.” So my question is this, had we [...]

Bumper Sticker of the Day

Obama Asks For $84 Billion In War Spending

In what he has promised is the final supplemental spending request for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, President Barack Obama sent a request for nearly $84 billion to cover costs. He’s taken a lot of heat from conservatives who haven’t done their homework. Sure, Senator Obama talked a big game about ending the war [...]