Objective Reporting

CNN’s Susan Roesgen scolds a man for his free speech, doesn’t understand how a man isn’t absolutely thrilled that the Land of Obama Lincoln is getting $50 billion in “stimulus” and then does a pouty rant about how the Chicago Tea Party isn’t “family friendly viewing.” And they wonder why we call them the “Communist [...]

Beware Islam and Shariah Law

This article will show the necessity of understanding Islamic doctrine in the Global War on Terror. Most people know little else about Islam other than what the liberal media teaches, and what is taught in most schools. They learn that Islam is really a good religion, and it is only the “extremists” that cause trouble. [...]


As CJ pointed out, the Secretary of Homeland Security has apologized for a portion of the report which painted veterans, the defenders of the republic, as potentially one of the greatest threats to it. Whoopie. Another thrust towards the boundaries, another parry, another seeming retreat. This is a trend with the new administration, though… do [...]