Character is doing what you know is right when…

We’ve all heard the saying that goes, “Character is doing the right thing even when nobody is watching.” Well, okay, I can buy that. I’ve got one more for you, though: Character is doing what you know is right, even when everyone is watching and you know they won’t like it. Congratulations to Miss California [...]

We lost in Iraq 2 years ago

According to Harry Reid and many of the others now in the leadership of this country. That was just a short two years ago. H/T to Uncle Jimbo for finding this one

John Ziegler Arrested – Pastor Beaten

Citizens of this great nation, our country is falling apart! Our Constitution is being trampled from coast to coast. Fellow right-wing extremist and “enemy of the state” John Ziegler was arrested and roughed up by USC campus police while I was outside the event where Katie Couric got her journalism award for her Sarah Palin [...]