Exclusive: Washingtonian Fakes Obama Photo

The Washingtonian is publishing a photo of Barack Obama without a shirt on the cover of its May edition. There nothing wrong with that. What I have a problem with is the blatant attempts to make the President into something he’s not by photoshopping the photo. First is the original, then the airbrushed and edited photo used by the Washingtonian:

Now, here’s the edited version, on which I have highlighted the changes:

1. Shoulder airbrushed to looked more muscular through the use of shadows.
2. Bicep and shoulder airbrushed to look more muscular through the use of elongated shadows.
3. Love handles on both sides have been eliminated (not that he was fat to begin with!)
4. The color of his shorts has been changed and shadows added to add bulk to quads and legs.
5. Didn’t circle them, but airbrushing added to further define leg muscles.

So far, I don’t think these photos have been scrutinized yet! This is the first.

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  1. This post is beyond absurd. Aside from the colour of the shorts, the differences you’re claiming are damn near hard to spot even with your circles. It seems more like editing to make the crop-and-drop look better on their front page — not to make the president look more “muscular”. He looks plenty muscular as it is.

    Actually, before I read your post, I thought the TOP photo was supposed to be the airbrushed one.

    Keep on tryin’, bro.

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