Facts are so over-rated

Who cares about statistical facts when you can just skew the truth and allow the media to report it as fact. The Big O even has Hillary spouting these lies and you would think she would know better. I mean it was her husband who tried to skew the definition of the term “sexual relations” an re-define what it means.

This is why I watch Fox News, not because they are conservative or anything like that. Because they are fair, and they report fair things. They have plenty of opposing views and allow both sides to present arguments. Unlike the Crappy News Network or National Barack Channel who only report the side they want you to hear. Now, click below to read what I am talking about.


One Response to “Facts are so over-rated”

  1. As the saying goes, there are lies, darn lies, and statistics. If there is one thing I’ve learning is that they all lean one way or the other. I put more value in being able to pick out what is fact and what is spin.

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