Huntsville, AL Tea Party

The Huntsville Tea Party was a resounding success. We didn’t expect nearly as many people to show up. We backed up I-565 as people tried to get to the rally. We surged outside of our permitted space and almost got in trouble. There were people behind the stage, in front of the stage, beside the stage, on the rooftops, you name it! It was a amazing. Here’s a short video of the crowd just before we started:

Even more people showed up after I took that video. Here are a few more photos:

huntsville tea party

huntsville tea party

huntsville tea party

huntsville tea party veterans are terrorists

huntsville tea party

Notice people beginning to gather on the rooftop.
huntsville tea party

huntsville tea party

huntsville tea party

This is our local morning radio show host, Dale Jackson, speaking to the crowd.
huntsville tea party dale jackson speaker

One of the speakers at the rally was a local district commissioner named Mo Brooks. I loved his speech so much I decided to record it. Enjoy!!

5 Responses to “Huntsville, AL Tea Party”

  1. WE are going to Take America Back!!!!!! USA USA USA USA USA……

  2. What Mickey said!!!

  3. Sorry, Mickey. Some of us never lost it. I was at a Tea Party in Lower Manhatten that actually blocked traffic for awhile. Too bad it got characterized as a RightWing event. As if the Liberals amoung us aren’t equally upset about the way our money is spent.

  4. Thanks CJ for this post and pics and videos! To my understanding it wasn’t just conservatives but liberals and people of all persuasions who took part in the tea parties. People are just fed up with all the spending!

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