I got the flu and it’s All. Your. Fault.

With the latest national health emergency (150 people in Mexico died, and we have declared an emergency,) concerning the swine flu, the Democrats have come out swining… er… swinging.

Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., said in a statement…

“Not only is pandemic preparation essential to any responsible plan for renewing the U.S. economy, but to the world’s overall public health.”

One simple question: “Huh?”

Since when is disease prevention part of an economic stimulus? First of all, “stimulus” is a misleading term. It is a catch-all for spending a shitload of money on causes that have been held tightly in the left’s bosom for years. ACORN is not, nor will it ever be, a key driver of a healthy economy in the United States or any country. Not. Now. Not. Ever. It is a key driver of Democratic success in 2008, but good for the economy? Feh.

No, fellow patriots, pandemic flu preparation spending belongs in the annual budget. If you want it, put it in the budget. The problem is, the administration wants to claim a budget that is closer to balanced… without counting the over $1 trillion in bailouts and “stimulus” that has been tossed around like the insides of a pinata. A big budget for pandemic flu preparedness would just screw that all up. That wouldn’t suit the propaganda porpoises at all.

Here’s a clue, folks. Federal spending is federal spending. You can later “claim” a balanced, or more nearly balanced, budget… but throwing money around like it’s nobody’s business and not counting it towards the budget is just lying.

So, failing that, Congressional Democrats, without any real consequences and pointing at 150 people in Mexico who are “suspected to have died of swine flu,” seize upon another opportunity to lash out at the only ones who stand in their way.

It makes me wonder how we all survived the swine flu epidemic in the ’70′s.

Oh… the Federal Government has 12 million doses of Tamiflu in storage. That’s enough to save the Democratic power elite plus some key Dem players in each state… and Perez Hilton, so that he will be available to judge next year’s Miss PCUSA Pageant. That’s really all we need to protect the public anyway, because everyone knows that the Democrats are the guardians of the public conscience.

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

In the meantime, if anyone can explain to me how pandemic flu preparedness is going to stimulate millions, or even tens of thousands of new jobs, I’d like to hear it. Failing that, I’d like to cordially invite the honorable gentleman from Arizona to STFU and put it in the budget if he can. It’s public health policy, not part of a “responsible plan” for economic renewal.

Swine flu has become the poster child of the day for Democratic pork in the “stimulus.”

6 Responses to “I got the flu and it’s All. Your. Fault.”

  1. A- Arizona is a border state.
    B- The gentleman is of what nationality? Hispanic.
    C- He is a democrat, ’nuff said.

    Looks like someone in Arizona is trying to make the illegals, and the Arizona citizens, feel more comfortable about the flu that is coming across the border. The whole…”I got this!” bs moment.

  2. The reason this is being pushed by the press – they need panic in Americans to push through their socialized medicine plans – just watch this play out.

    Shhh…. don’t tell anyone that 36,000 died in last season’s flu in America.

  3. This isn’t being pushed for any more reason then purely precautionary ones. Imagine the hayday the Republicans would be having if Obama didn’t react to it. I’ll liken this to the duct-tape and plastic I still have in the basement after Bush said to go out and buy it.

  4. Flag I believe you really do have a good point there; as a matter of fact, I think you hit the nail on the head. What better way to make a solution than to create the “problem” to begin with. They think we are too dumb to realize this. They need to look in the mirror to see the “dumb ones”.

  5. Wow!! So you feel that this is Obama’s fault as well?? Let’s just leave things the way they are and let poor people got to emergency rooms for asperin. Much better!!
    Liberal=Change for the better.
    Just thought I’d remind you the original meaning of the term.

  6. good point,” Federal spending is federal spending. You can later “claim” a balanced, or more nearly balanced, budget… but throwing money around like it’s nobody’s business and not counting it towards the budget is just lying.”
    The CDC in the USA has stopped reporting cases and now Mexico has also stopped reproting to prevent panic. China was more open and transparent about containing the bird flu than the US is. Sad that Gov has come to control opinion in the freest nation.

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