I’m an Extremist, You’re An Extremist

So, let me get this straight, some of the signs that you are a dangerous extremist are:

You believe that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are the supreme law of the USA
You believe that government MUST obey the law
You believe in the sanctity of life without the right to life, truly nothing else is possible
You believe that WE THE PEOPLE are sovereign and that our elected officials are the servants of the people
You believe that WE THE PEOPLE have the right to peacefully protest when we don’t like what elected officials are doing
You believe that we have the absolute right to worship as our conscience dictates
You believe we have the right of free speech
You believe that the second amendment of the Bill of Rights gives to WE THE PEOPLE the unalienable right to self defense
You believe that we have the right to support any candidate of our choice
You believe that there are criteria which those seeking elected office must adhere to
You believe that we have the right to legitimate elections and secret ballots
You believe that the first 10 amendments of the Bill of Rights are integral to our Liberty and our Constitution
You believe that personal responsibility and integrity are the hallmarks of a moral people
You believe that judges must not legislate from the bench, but instead they must obey the law too
You believe that no one else’s rights supercede anyone else’s
You believe that the United States is a Constitutional Republic and the rights of all are protected
You believe that no individual has the right to impose his will on another by force
You are a veteran of the armed forced who has fought and sacrificed for this nation
You attend tea parties protesting the excessive spending and borrowing of our government at the expense of our children.

Please feel free to add any more beliefs to this list. I’ll have photos and video up of the Huntsville, AL Tea Party soon.

5 Responses to “I’m an Extremist, You’re An Extremist”

  1. You Extremist crazy Americans… Ups, that means me also… Damn it!

  2. Color me an extremist then.

    One disagreement though . . . Seems to me that there’s a line somewhere that goes “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” I’m just a dumb ol’ country boy, but I’d surmise that without life - all other rights are rendered moot. Therefore, if you believe in inalienable rights at all, you have to believe in a right to life — irregardless of what 5 people in black robes have to say about it.

    Oh yeah! That’s from the preamble to the Declaration of Independence. Knew it’d come back to me . . . Guess this paints me even further into the extreme.

  3. Hmmm……. I have a “I am a Constitution Voter” and a “Support Concealed Carry” bumper sticker on my vehicle, so I *guess* that means that I’m GUILTY!!!!!
    : ^ O ; ^ p (giggle!)

  4. Just wondering how you people felt when the Patriot Act came into play and the government had broad ability to wiretap your phone conversations?

  5. The Patriot Act didn’t give the government “broad authority to wiretap your phone conversations” unless you were conversing with known terrorists. As someone who worked within the authority granted by the Patriot Act, I can tell you that wiretapping ordinary American phone lines is something we just don’t have the time (nor the authority) to do!

    With that said, there were many aspects of the Patriot Act I completely disagree with and had I a blog at the time, I would have have railed against it then!

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