In God we trust…

Not in Allah we trust, not in Buddha we trust, not in some higher-entity-being we trust and certainly not in Darwin we trust.

So what part of “This country was founded on Christian values” does this guy not understand? What F@#$@#$ planet is he from? You know, maybe he wasn’t born in the USofA because he apparently doesn’t know the history of this country.

Someone tell him to be quiet, or at least get him a new speech writer, because the teleprompter is telling him bad things to say.

2 Responses to “In God we trust…”

  1. Not only that, Troy, but this country IS a Christian country even today. 83% of Americans consider themselves Christian!! I’d say that pretty much solidifies it.

  2. This is a Christian-majority nation, but that was clearly not what Obama was saying. Our laws and Constitution are not based on just the Christian majority at the exclusion of other religion. In the next millinea, we may become a Jewish-majority nation and the same laws apply. Thats what Obama was talking about. Turkey has historically contended with similar, if not more pointed issues of people from different religions.
    Food for thought.

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