John Ziegler Arrested – Pastor Beaten

Citizens of this great nation, our country is falling apart! Our Constitution is being trampled from coast to coast.

Fellow right-wing extremist and “enemy of the state” John Ziegler was arrested and roughed up by USC campus police while I was outside the event where Katie Couric got her journalism award for her Sarah Palin interview.

He was ARRESTED for standing on a sidewalk and ASKING QUESTIONS, a violation of his first amendment rights. Interestingly, someone is also trying to stifle my first amendment rights to blog.

Fellow religious extremist, Pastor Steven Anderson, was driving along minding his own business one night in Arizona when we was stopped at an immigration checkpoint – here in the United States. He did not cross any international borders and was alone in his car. When he refused to answer questions or allow his vehicle to be searched illegally, his property was destroyed, he was tazered, and he was beaten, a violation of his fourth amendment rights.

Our Constitution is being trampled on a daily basis and has been for years. This isn’t an Obama problem. It’s not a Democrat problem. It’s a political problem that both presidents Bush and Obama (and those before them) are slowly adding to and getting away with.

It starts with our local governments. We can’t be content to just write our congressmen when things get bad. Changes have to be made right you’re sitting now! We need to get involved in our community and make sure our local leaders know we won’t tolerate these abuses where we live. When we’ve gotten our local leadership in line (good luck!), don’t forget the state in which you live. If you’re in California, I just suggest you leave. I don’t think there’s much hope left there.

I hear these stories over and over again and I keep asking myself, what are we fighting for if those values we’re trying to protect aren’t really treasured by those for whom we’re securing them? DUI checkpoints, “immigration” checkpoints, etc. This all needs to stop but only WE can effect change. Our country is great and built upon foundations of freedom that only WE can allow to be eroded or destroyed. If do not stand up for ourselves when we are wronged, the perception will be (and it already is) that we don’t really care about losing certain rights.

There is talk about holding a Constitutional Convention to change some aspects of the Constitution. Obama did radio shows while he was a State Senator stating that the Constitution was “deeply flawed” and said it was a “charter of negative liberties.” Now this man is charged with protecting and upholding that same document.

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  1. I remember that interview with Obama when he said that the Constitution was flawed. I was very disturbed by the comment (to say the least). In my opinion, if you can’t stand behind the founding documents that founded our nation- you have no place to be the leader of our nation. Many members of Congress and the Senate I doubt have even read the Constitution- let alone understand it. You are right CJ, that the change must start with us. We must come to action- to call our representatives out and let them know we want them to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Let us our voices be deafening to their ears, so they cannot ignore us any longer.

  2. Great post CJ,
    We can not allow a Constitutional Convention of any kind. It will rip what we are still hanging onto for dear life, completely to shreds.

    Tyranny is here folks. The Day of reckoning is upon us. The foundation laid by Saul Alinsky, Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and many more are now bearing its rotten fruit, and Americans are eating every bite of the apple.

    Do NOT let the Statists’/Progressives/Liberals use the “There’s nothing New going on here” argument on us, as they ram down their centralized Gov’t and spreading of equal outcomes across the nation

    We must be prepared to fight them on the battle of ideas. I urge you all to become versed in the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, Bill of Rights, and Dec. of Independence if we stand a chance to salvage the good left in this nation.

    The good news is, Mark Levin’s book Liberty and Tyranny is the summation of all of our enemies intentions, and how to combat them with the aforementioned bodies of work laid forth by our founding fathers.


  3. This is scary! Not two weeks ago, I was having a conversation with my husband about what we can do to raise patriotic children. (they are still all under 5) We have already started “family” traditions that incorporate things like talking about the pledge of allegiance and bringing our kids to ceremonies. (Every year for the last 4 we have taken our kids to a memorial ceremony at the least. However, the conversation stated because I was scared that my kids would not have the same pride in America that my husband and I were raised with. Our conclusion was that we will teach our kids as much as possible and use good examples. Then hope that the bad examples of today can be changed into learning events for our kids. I just worry that by the time they have their own kids that there will not be much left to be proud of. The video is an example of what Hubby and I are scared of.

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