N. Korea Tests Missile

North Korea launched a missile over the nation of Japan today in violation of U.N. Security Resolution 1718. UNSR1718 is basically a bunch of talking about what N. Korean shouldn’t do about its nuclear program. And if it does those things banned in the resolution, the U.N. will - stop talking to them!! Oooooh. No wonder they continued to build their missile and research nuclear technology. What are the repercussions? Nothing.

In response to the launch of the missile, President Obama took bold actions. He just released a statement promising to “immediately consult with our allies in the region, including Japan and the Republic of Korea, and members of the U.N. Security Council to bring this matter before the Council.”

What a great idea! Get with the U.N. to talk some more. As much as that’s worked in the past, it’s bound to make some very important headway now. I mean, all N. Korea wants is for someone to talk to over tea and crumpets. Why else would they continue to flaunt resolution after resolution? Why else would they blatantly ignore calls to cease testing the ballistic missile and pursue nuclear weapons?

To underscore that the United States means business, President Obama made the following threats to North Korea:

“I urge North Korea to abide fully by the resolutions of the U.N. Security Council and to refrain from further provocative actions.” And if you don’t, we’ll urge you again. And again. And again.

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  1. Korea Tests Missile and to see what about to happen next read the 100% of the May 15th Prophecy

  2. President Obama is probably too focused quarterbacking the largest transfer of wealth in human history to really focus on national security issues.

    If he was serious, he’d send in Madeleine Albright.. Her Pyongyang dance routine in the late 90’s probably set back the North’s nuke program by a few years. Or probably not.

  3. Hey CJ that is why the N. Koreans launched! Because we have a liberal socialist, fascist, communist, progressive wimp in the White House! A do nothing Senate and Congress because they are sooooo afraid they wont get reelected if they actually stand up for America and her Constitution! Now ask me what I think of the Presidents statements! You know what is so sad , I want to support my President but not at the cost of my Country! This is America ! And I am sick and tired of people talking us down . Go ahead world destroy America ! Go on all you Pansy ass pukes in the Congress, the Senate & White House give our country away ! Then when the shit hits the fans see who comes a begging! With out this country the rest of the world would be far worse off than it is today! Mark my words! A Storm is coming! And it isn’t going to be pretty!

  4. Yeah, he is good at TALKING isn’t he? When he has a teleprompter, at least.

  5. The dumb thing is then Obama says he wants to go to a nuclear free world. I wonder if this nuclear free world include Iran and North Korea? He seems to be under the illusion that if we (and our allies) give up our nukes that will stop the whole threat of nuclear attack. I think the opposite- us having nukes helps be a deterrent to an attack.

    President Obama has been weak on defense as a whole though. He’s talked about cuts in the military numbers, and cut spending in various areas. One of these is missile defense. He wants more of an open border it seems which makes us more prone for a terrorist attack. All the while wanting to play with the language of what they are in the first place. Oh so silly. They are what they are- they are Muslim extremists that want to see America (and other free countries) no longer exist. That seems pretty clear to me. Iran, Al Queda, and the like are not likely to change their opinion of America or Americans just because we have a new president. President Obama has already made several blunders when it comes to these countries/ organizations. Does he not realize that by sitting down with them makes us look submissive and just helps rationalize their cause? He said while in France at a town hall meeting that Americans are arrogant. Okay we probably are, but the total wrong place to say that. If he seeks to help us be less arrogant perhaps he should address that concern directly with the people instead of waiting until he’s over the ocean. Who’s president is he anyhow? Shouldn’t we be proud of our country?

  6. [...] by this? This is what happens when the world has no teeth; when the U.S. does, but is muzzled. CJ nails it, spot [...]

  7. I guess this is where we find out what the sticks and carrot thing is, right? pffffttt

  8. “The purpose of diplomacy is not to have a President be popular, it is to persuade allies and enemies to do things that are in the American interest … it is easy to go in to Europe and impress Europe when you talk like a European; criticizing the United States on its own economic policy, its arrogance, then defer to the European agenda in stead of insisting on our own.”
    -Michael Gerson

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  10. [...] when the world has no teeth; when the U.S. does have the teeth, but chooses to muzzle its bite. CJ nails it, spot on: North Korea launched a missile over the nation of Japan today in violation of U.N. [...]

  11. Let’s see. If Bush had gone into North Korea in the same mannor he’d done in Iraq, this woudn’t be an issue.
    But there were terrorists in Iraq…(not!!)
    As well while Sadam never had nukes, this guy actually had them and showed them to the world.
    Sorry, sports fans. Terrorists don’t just wear only wear keffiyeh’s
    We also have to get to a point that the only reaction can be something other then military

  12. David, why must you continue to spread the lies that there were no terrorists in Iraq? As a reader of my military blog, you know darn well that isn’t the case. I’ve proven this over and over again. Not only did Saddam harbor such AQ terrorists as Abu Mussab al Zarqawi in Baghdad and give him hospital care, but he also funded Ansar al Islam in the Kurdish areas. I can’t go much beyond that, but I’ve written about it over and over again.

    Secondly, Kim Jung Il did not have nukes in 2003. He does now, supposedly, and I’m with you that we should have done something. However, Kim also wasn’t shooting at our warplanes and invading nations at will the way Saddam did. He also isn’t a global influence with vast oil reserves that could affect the rest of the world.

    I will agree with I think you’re alluding to that Obama is much weaker leader. Bush would have acted more boldly than Obama did. I agree, we should have completed our Axis of Evil world tour when we had the chance, but Bush was only allowed to serve two terms.

  13. OMG! Now there were no terrorists in Iraq. The liberals aren’t very educated and that is coming out loud and clear in our national security screw ups now. I’d take 4 more years of Bush over this dog and pony show…really!

  14. CJ,
    I agree that Sadam was a major threat to the region. It had been widely reported and corroborated that he financed suicide bombers in Israel. And I correct myself, there were US-hating, jehadi-bound terrorists in Iraq. It could well be argued (depending on your definition of terrorists) that there were more in Somalia or The main issue that I’ve always held was that the folks we were fighting weren’t the same ones that took down the WTC. While affiliations have been there of different AQ groups, I still have to ask why Iraq and not Afghanistan?
    In the best possible circumstances, Bush made a judgement error. I’d live with that as its easy for a schmuck like me to play Monday morning quarterback and say what should have been done. In the worst possible circumstances, Bush delivered an expensive war to some very appreciative benefactors. I don’t like to think this way because I happen to think that Bush has more class then that, but you can’t deny it being there.
    I certainly don’t think Obama has won a prize in foreign policy as yet and there was a lot more to like about Condelizza Rice then Mrs. Clinton as far as experience.
    I’m just not sold on the original reason for Iraq at that point in time and probably never will.
    As this position sometimes makes me look as if I don’t support our military, I’ll refrain from bringing it up again on this site…unless Army Wife makes me :).

  15. I’ll give this as an open challenge to anyone who can say what Obama should be doing about Korea.

  16. David, I agree that there were/are more terrorists in Somalia. But when was the last time that Somalia posed any REAL threat directly to this country. The terrorists in Somalia are largely directing their operations against Somalia and the coast. They are contained for the most part and I promise you that AFRICOM and the DOD is taking care of Somalia. The folks that took down the WTC are dead. We’re still trying to find the people responsible for the planning of it.

    The unabomber hid out in Montana for over 20 years and yet this country thinks we can one man in a FOREIGN country immediately? I won’t rehash the fact that we had numerous opportunities to have him handed to us on a silver platter. I’ll agree that we should have put more troops in focused on securing the borders of Afghanistan under Bush’s watch and this was a military failure. However, you have to also remember that Afghanistan was the first time our nation has had to fight that kind of war and we simply weren’t ready for these types of challenges. We are NOW though! If could do it, I’m in favor of taking out Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran AND North Korea and just getting it over with. Obviously, that’s impossible.

    “I’m just not sold on the original reason for Iraq at that point in time and probably never will.” This is the problem of a short-sighted and forgetful nation. There wasn’t one reason we went into Iraq. There were numerous. Like N. Korea, Iraq deliberately disobeyed resolution after resolution. It harbored terrorists. It made us THINK (and the world I might add) that it was building WMDs. It tried to kill a sitting US president. It invaded and tortured the citizens of two neighboring countries. Iraq under Saddam was a danger to the entire world and the fact that it sits on a large portion of the oil that runs that world is reason enough that the country needed to be stabilized.

    For the record, and the knowledge of everyone else here, David is a BIG troop supporter. We disagree widely on political issues, but I consider him a true friend. If he says something that makes you want to scratch your head, just reply with an even-handed comment and I assure you he will clarify his point or continue to make you scratch your head. ;)

  17. Having a husband that just spent a year sitting on the wire watching North Korea, I have some ideas for Obama, but it would make him not so popular anymore! North Korea has sat for too long! During one rotation my husband was on the wire, some North Korea soldiers shot at our soldiers! We never even fired back. They are making sure we know they will never quit, so I think we need to make them stop! Of course that is just my idea, and we do have to take the rest of the World into account! Who knows what side China would be on! I asked my husband about what he think North Korea would do if we left, and he said it would take a few days for North Korea to overrun South Korea! Something has to be done with this situation! I do have to say it makes me more nervous for my husband to be in Korea than Iraq!!!

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