Over 1050 Generals support DADT

Check out a Op-Ed piece that was published yesterday in the Wa-Po (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/story/2009/04/14/ST2009041402780.html?sid=ST2009041402780) and read how over 1000 very experienced General and Flag officers have signed onto a letter that was sent to the President requesting him to keep the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy in place.

They cite facts, statistics and put up a very good argument from probably the largest collection of military knowledge alive at one time in our existence.

Polling by Military Times of its active-duty subscribers over the past four years indicates that 58 percent have consistently opposed repeal. In its most recent survey, 10 percent said they would not reenlist if that happened, and 14 percent said they would consider leaving. If just the lesser number left the military, our active-duty, reserve and National Guard forces would lose 228,600 people — more than the total of today’s active-duty Marine Corps.

They are all standing together for one common thing..to keep DADT in place and not to repeal it. Now, lets see if the President will listen to those that are knowledgeable or to his cronies like Pelosi, Emanuel, and others.

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  1. For a good counter-argument to their editorial, check out this blog post:

    Those officers may be experienced, but they’re obviously out of touch with today’s military.

  2. As my husband put it…”it would be highly uncomfortable to be sleeping with, and showering with, homesexuals. It would take your mind off the ballgame, and you cannot afford that.” I can understand that thought and appreciate the sentiment, and I have a gay step brother.

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