This is what happens with Amateurs in office

If you let rookies and Amateurs in the the office of the President, then they show their true colors. The big O has no job being President as he has barely been a Senator or a leader in any other capacity. Since he has so little real-life experience, he has ended up surrounding himself with people who don’t understand the ways of the world, protocol, how to pay taxes, or even how to proof a press releases. This is what happens when you are an amateur and your surround yourself with amateurs:

DVDs that don’t play

Crappy iPOds to a queen who has one already from her grandson

Placing your hand on the queen,8599,1888962,00.html

Bowing to a King of another country,w-obama-saudi-king-bow040809.article

and now the most recent thing to come out this morning. Staffers of his that don’t proof their press releases.

4 Responses to “This is what happens with Amateurs in office”

  1. Does CNN know that “snafu” is an acronym for “Situation Normal, All Fucked Up?” Seems Obama’s staffers are not the only ones screwing up…

  2. Well what you expect from a bunch of dishonest Idiots in the WH and people who is accustom to twist the facts and spin news.

  3. I seriously believe the folks who support BHO and put him in the WH to begin with are not intelligent enough to realize he has put us in “deep kimchi”.
    Bowing to a King such as he did puts the “icing on the cake”. We may as well kiss our tails goodbye because he is definitely NOT loyal to the American people or to our Constitution!! Prepare yourself for much more idiotcracy to come.

  4. Our government officials, regardless of their political leanings, have all let us down lately. Sure the dems are leading the pack right now, and their inability to think beyond the “lets get all our agendas passed quickly” has put us in major debt, but none of these officials are listening to us.

    What is beyond me is how these faux pas can go unnoticed. The dems have griped for years over GWB’s spending on the war etc. Yet with Obama we are seeing bigger debt than all of the Presidents, from George Washington up, combined. How is it that more people aren’t resisting this spending and devil may care attitude of our government?

    Americans in general need a history lesson before they sell their souls to socialism, and everything that this country was started for is destroyed. People need to remember that we broke away from Britian for many god reasons, and to become like them now is a slap in the face to all of those who died and fought for this republic.

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