United States Subservience - Part II

The White House is continuing to lie to the American people about the fact that Obama subjugated the United States to the rule of the Saudi King. As the media hounded him about the way the WH was spinning the whole episode and catching him in lie after lie, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs then simply changes the subject.

Q And then one unrelated question. When the President met with King Abdullah, there was something that took place that I believe the White House explained as just the President being taller than the King. We took a look at the video, and it does appear that the President actually bowed to King Abdullah. Did he bow or didn’t he?

MR. GIBBS: Well, I think he bent over with both — to shake with both hands to shake his hand. So I don’t –

Q It appears to show one hand, that he was just –

MR. GIBBS: Well, I –

Q Did he bow or didn’t he?

MR. GIBBS: No. But I think this meeting was like a week ago, right?

Q That’s right, but this is something that a lot of people are still talking about today.

MR. GIBBS: I can only imagine it is of great cause and concern for many people struggling with the economy. (Laughter.)

This IS an issue of great cause and concern for many people. It means the United States is now subservient to the Saudis. The President broke tradition and then lied about it. When called on these lies, they lied some more and then finally just changed the subject. This is completely unacceptable to an administration that continues to promise “openness and transparency”, none of which has be realized yet!

You be the judge:

2 Responses to “United States Subservience - Part II”

  1. Apparently the Arab papers picked up on this “bow” when it happened, and they spread all over that our President was showing subservience to the Saudi King. How wonderful….

  2. Sorry, sports fans. Just because our president respects a local tradition, doesn’t make him subservient to anyone. Can we get onto more relevant topics, please?? Like putting Saudi Arabia out of business by our own domestic energy production? Perhaps prosecuting them for human rights abuses by allowing men to marry under-aged women.

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