BHO is making me very disgusted-Updated

I am sorry, but I am getting sick and tired of this arrogant human being that barely half of America the voters put into office. It is amazing that when President Bush won by just a couple of percent of the votes in 2004 that the MSM were making comments like “We are a divided country” and “how will he unite the country”, yet when Obama wins by 3 percent with just under 3% over the 50% of the people who voted we hear “America is ready for change” and “America is behind Obama”. Well as he continues to piss off Americans left and right (Black Farmers, Veterans, NYC, etc.) and our allies (Canada, Great Britain, etc.) and goes around apologizing to everyone in the world about America…now he pulls this. When will it ever end?

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  1. Wow! That has always been a big day for people to go and be able to pay their respects to those who gave all. I have always watched the tourists get interviewed, and hear their stories told. This is just wrong on so many levels…those that fought, or those who had relatives that fought, or military veterans have the right to pay their respects more than this farce of a President. How disrespectful can he be? I don’t ever want to hear anyone say this man honors the military.

  2. How does 53% (Obama) minus 46% (McCain) equal 3%? That’s mysterious math. Almost as mysterious as the math underlying “I’ve earned some political capital and I’m going to spend it” (2004) and “I’m a uniter” (2000).

    By the way, any plans to update the subject of “he pulls this” in light of the update at the link you posted? Or maybe blame is more satisfying.

  3. You are correct Mookie. I guess I did not state it right. The 52.9% is almost 3% over half the voters. Not necessarily 3% over McCain.

  4. In light of the update, may I reiterate that it was a “LAST MINUTE DECISION” for the O to go to Normandy – as opposed to the months of planning by the men who actually fought there and want to visit….

    In my world, certain people deserve to be at the front of the line on a remembrance day, and the O is not among them.

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