When Does The Ego Explode?

The following is a Guest Blog Entry from Country Singer

So I’m sitting here in my living room, watching the news, reading a few blogs. I’ve been threatening to submit again, and after a few weeks of allowing ideas to grow in my mind, here we go.
I’ve been trying to discern the policy stances of the current administration, but so far, I’ve been unable to. The only hard stand that I can see being made is on the firm policy that this nation will become socialist come hell or high tea party. Otherwise, it would appear that everything has been driven by BHO’s immense ego and his public image. And that scares the crap out of me. It should scare the crap out of libs, too.
Here’s why:
GWB was much maligned when it came to the war in Iraq. We heard all the cries from the freaks on the kook-fringe left about how Bush was only doing this because he was a loose cannon cowboy, or that it was to avenge the assassination plot against his father. We also heard that it was due to his ego. OK, we’ll use that for the sake of this argument. Ego.
Along comes the Messiah, Obama Christ in the flesh. Unfortunately, he can’t seem to do anything right. At least, not without a teleprompter. The downside here is that some people aren’t afraid to call him out. His ego has got to be taking hits. Let’s qualify that a little bit, shall we? Some of these things he has or is taking hits on. He should be on others.

- Appointees with tax-evasion problems that are evidently no problem for the administration, despite campaign promises. Policy/Ego hit.
- Wanting to go after corporate overseas taxes, in spite of the above. “Should be” Policy/ Ego hit. I’m not saying he shouldn’t go after tax cheats, but don’t tell us how wonderful you are for doing so after allowing the above to happen.
- Narco traffickers are thumbing their noses at him. Ego hit.
- The brilliant Air Force One/Manhattan photo op. Ego hit.
- Every time Joe Biden opens his mouth. Ego hit.
- Every time Janet Napolitano opens her mouth. Ego hit.
- Tea parties. Policy/Ego hit.
- Teleprompter failure and subsequent deer-in-the-headlights reaction. Ego hit.
- Reversal of campaign promises vis-à-vis troop withdrawals. Policy/Ego hit.
- Despite ass-kissing, Castro still hates us. Policy/Ego hit.
- Despite ass-kissing, Iranians still hate us. Policy/Ego hit.
- Despite ass-kissing, Chavez still hates us. Policy/Ego hit.
- Economy continues to tank. Policy/Ego hit.
- Gaffes with UK. Policy/Ego hit.
- Gaffes with Canada. Policy/Ego hit.
- Gaffes with Mexico. Policy/Ego hit.
- Wife and dog more popular with press. Ego hit.

I’m sure I could continue, but you get the idea. Here’s what bothers me: when do all the dings to BHO’s self-image force him to do something to prove his manhood and power? I don’t mean something like nationalizing the auto and banking industries. That’s part of his basic Socio/Communist ideology. My thinking is more along the lines of what happens if/when he suddenly realizes that people in this country are honestly and truly pissed off? What happens if/when there is another terrorist attack man-made disaster on U.S. soil? There’s no telling what he might do, because the man has a totalitarian I-AM-THE-MAN mind-set. Sooner or later, he’s going to want to flex his magazine cover muscles in an attempt to maintain that enormous ego. And all hell will break loose somewhere on the globe.

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  1. You see the problem is that you’re looking at it all wrong. When Obama’s people don’t pay taxes, it’s an accidental oversight. A mere mistake. When the rest of America doesn’t pay taxes, they need to be tracked to the four corners of the earth because they’re doing it on purpose!

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