Guest Blogger, Country Singer: But, But, But…Everyone Loves Us Because We Elected Obama

I was at my local watering hole recently chatting with a friend of mine about politics. Being peripherally involved in the Nashville music scene, over the years I’ve become friends with many people who are actually able to make a living in music or are relatives of country music legends. This particular friend falls into the latter category. When I first met him, he was in appearance the embodiment of Jesus: tall and trim, long dark hair and accompanying long bushy beard. In short, he looked like your prototypical hippie. In this guy’s case, however, the old adage about books and their covers applied. He turned out to be moderately conservative. He also likes to play Devil’s Advocate, which those who don’t know him well take for liberalism. Over the six or so years that I’ve known him, he has continually surprised me with the conservative tone of his views, and usually backed those views with clear, concise logic.

In early November of last year, my friend was, like many in the country, on the fence. Originally a supporter of Huckabee and/or Romney, he simply was not a big fan of McCain. As a result he began to parse the arguments of each camp during the run up to the election. Then he voted. He didn’t tell me how he voted for a long time, and even when he did, he didn’t tell me why…until I ran into him the other day and we started quaffing beers.

“Man, Obama’s really got me worried.”

“Why’s that?”

“Well, I voted for him because I thought he would improve foreign relations. I didn’t really see any difference in him and McCain on anything else. Now, I think I made a mistake. I don’t think he knows what he’s doing.”

I refrained, with great effort, from making a smart-assed remark at this point.

I did not, however, manage to restrain myself from releasing a small chortle.

Time and time again, when the topic of national security or foreign policy arose during this last Presidential election, the left always came with the argument that the world hates us because of Bush. Those of us with no axe to grind with GWB knew that those in the world that hate us hate us because we are Americans. They hate us because of our standard of living, because we tolerate others, because the rest of the world looks to us for guidance and help in times of trouble and not to them. Who the President of the United States is makes no difference. What. So. Ever.

So now I find myself wondering just how many of you who voted for His Wonderfulness did so based in part or in whole on the projections of the rest of the world suddenly loving America? And are you cringing now?

I’m not going to take the time to detail how The Great O has managed to embarrass himself and this nation in the international arena. Instead, let’s look ahead.

The Daily Mail is speculating that the Norks will launch another Taepo-Dong 2 missile. On the Fourth of July. Aimed at Hawaii. That sounds like to me like they want to make a statement. And what response are we getting from the Tingling Leg Administration?

SECDEF Gates sends the THAADS to Hawaii and we’re shadowing a ship that may be moving nuke materials. Looks good on the face. On the other hand, our buddies Gates and Obama want to cut the permanent missile defense capability in Alaska. Take that, Sarah Palin! What happens following the current hand-wringer with North Korea? Oh, we’ll take the THAADS out of Hawaii (since there is no longer a threat and it’s an eyesore) and our northern approaches will be less capable than they could have been. Because, hey, the rest of the world loves Obama, so they’ll give us two weeks warning before they launch on us, right?

Another event that the world is watching intently is the aftermath of the elections in Iran. The Obama approach?

*crickets chirping*

And lastly (for now), the never-ending Israeli-Palestinian saga. Jimmy Carter I wants Hamas taken off of the terrorist list. Hopefully Jimmy Carter II has figured out to ignore Jimmy Carter I. At least he hasn’t sent him to Iran for negotiations yet…

Thank goodness the rest of the world suddenly loves us now that Obama is in office.

5 Responses to “Guest Blogger, Country Singer: But, But, But…Everyone Loves Us Because We Elected Obama”

  1. Yes, let’s start another war, shall we? Bankrupt the country further then Bush and Obama already have. Perhaps you have the moeny in your pocket to pay for redundant missles that the military declared we didn’t need. Perhaps we shouldn’t exercise fiscal responsibility and buy every little tricket on the market that can be used to fight against someone. I have a nail clippers you can buy, if that helps…

  2. Well, gee, maybe there would be more money in the coffers if we secured our borders and weren’t shelling out billions to care for illegal immigrants or buying controlling interest in vehicle manufacturers and the banking industry. The Constitution mandates very few things. One of those is to provide for the common defense. It does not provide for defense from the common cold. It does not provide for defense of the snail darter. By the way, defining SecDef Gates as “the military” is not a stable talking point. Gates has proved that he’s just a flack for whatever administration will let him keep his job.

  3. I agree whole-hearted on the first point. The second I will agree with you next year if I find that the President didn’t keep his word about wanting to divest. As for Gates not being representative of the military, to the common person as myself, he’s the front man.
    As for the point you didn’t make, most people feel that he’s handling Iran in about the only way you can. While the likes of Sean Hannity quote Reagan (out of context, usually) and say that he should revive the Solidarity speech of ’81, you should remember that Reagan gave that speech knowing that the USSR wasn’t going to take any action for his verbal retribution. Not the same in Iran.

  4. The point there is that BHO, until the last few days, has said NOTHING. I’d rather he made, no matter how ineffectually, some kind of statement that took a position earlier in the unrest in Iran. Instead, he waited until it was evident that he was taking hits in his standing among voters before he spoke rather than speaking based upon his moral standing.

  5. I appreciate your opinion, but I think that was very much the point. He wanted the reaction to be subdued to avoid the Iranians from telling their people that the US (once again) caused this and get them to rally.
    In the end, I’m not sure how much good it did as they busted out the old playbook anyway.

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