Guest Video Blogger on healthcare and Constitution

Ok, so this guy is not really a true guest blogger on here. But he has served and he also covers a very good point. Asking for Senator McCaskill to apologize for stomping on the intent of the Constitution by trying to push Obamacare.

5 Responses to “Guest Video Blogger on healthcare and Constitution”

  1. Did he look for an apology from Bush when he tried to reform medicare??
    Just wonderin..

  2. David, looking at most of your posts, I see that you are a fucking idiot.

  3. …and good luck with that observation. Sorry if I don’t agree with you and your Fox-inspired singular thinking. Actually, I’m somewhat centrist.

  4. I have come to the conclusion that NY-David would disagree with anything and everything printed anywhere. He is an antagonistic person; kind of like one of these ACORNs we are seeing a lot of lately. Hint Hint!!

  5. Wow, me, antagonsitic. I am actually quite sensible and try to be non-rhetorical. I don’t disagree too much with Lou Dobbs or Julian Zelizer. I loved Reagan but didn’t always agree with him. I regular send packages to the troops via and helped them do fundraising in NYC. I also don’t care to see my hard earned money flushed down the tubes by either a non-needed piece of military hardware or non-accounted government program.
    ps – Oh, and I consider myself a Liberal and a damn good one.

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