It is an Afghan Problem, not a USA Problem

Why, oh why is the President doing this, as it has no purpose or need.

Barack Obama has asked officials to investigate reports of an attempt to block investigation of a mass execution of Taliban prisoners in Afghanistan……According to the reports, the move was an attempt to hush up the killing of up to 2,000 prisoners in 2001 because it was carried out by General Abdul Rashid Dostam, an Afghan warlord then on the CIA’s payroll.

This happened eight years ago. Eight years ago Obama was a Illinois State Senator, and now he wants to spend money and resources to investigate suspected war crimes by an Afghan warlord. An Afghan, against Afghans in Afghanistan. Yes Dostam did receive some money from the CIA for support against the Taliban, but that does not make the CIA or the US at fault for what is suspected of happening.

If you read the book “Ghost Wars” you will see that our agency personnel paid many leaders in the Northern Alliance and even gave some weapons and technologies to help them with our fight to get rid of the Taliban.

Look at our history and you will see that we had Manuel Noriega and even Osama Bin Laden on our CIA payroll. Does that mean that we are to blame because Bin Laden attacked the US and killed 3,000 people?

The Afghan people treat their own people like crap. I have said it before and I will say it again. The difference between Abu Ghraib and Afghanistan is that the Afghans would have put those wires to a power source and electrocuted those prisoners and not just scare them like the US soldiers did.

Launching this investigation to appease some third party, ultra-liberal, bleeding-heart group called Physicians for Human Rights and go back eight years to second guess the unsung heroes of our intelligence agencies serves no positive purpose. Nothing good can come from it and a lot of bad can come from it. Our country is losing brave warriors in the intelligence community every week because of the hostile work environment that they now work under.

Be sure and check out what fellow ETT (Deebow) said about this over at  Blackfive,

What Deebow talks about is something I have talked about in several interviews and on You Served Radio. It is their country and all we could do (even as Embedded Trainers) was to turn our back and hope they did not kill the prisoners that Afghan forces had control of. It is their country, it is their people, it is their law. Afghanistan, nor the forces of Afghanistan are signers of the Geneva Convention and we (the US) are in no position to try and enforce it.

Come on Mr. President, haven’t you seen yet that. Trying to apologize to the world and making amends with everyone does not help our country, does not make it stronger. They see you and us as a big wimp. That is what this message says to the world….that we are big wussie walking down the street waiting to get bullied and pay for for the wounds on someone’s fist from beating us in the head.

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  1. Dostam is largely responsible for the success we had early on in Afghanistan. I highly recommend the book “Horse Soldiers” which highlights the great information and support our Special Forces received from him that contributed to our successes and kept many of our Soldiers alive!!

    The Obama administration is slowly trying to dismantle the CIA, most likely as a way to protect Pelosi who was caught lying about the organization.

  2. We are sinking rather rapidly into a hole that we don’t want to be in. I don’t get it…why aren’t more people standing up and getting involved? It’s not enough to gripe on a blog people, unless you want to end up only being able to gripe about lost liberties on one in the near future. People need to stand up, write every politician they can, involve themselves in action groups (like tea parties, not anarchy), and remind these idiots that THEY work for US, not the other way around.

  3. I agree with you Shannon,..I have spokin about these same issues and people look at me like I’m acting crazy asking why I am so heated up and that I should just chill. Chill my butt,…When the US turns to crap least I know I tried to make a difference.
    Troy – As always you tell it like it is,…I only wish more people had your wisdom and for the ones who don’t I wish they would at least shut their mouth for one minute and listen for a change.

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