One for the Birthers

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  1. The fact that someone spent time and money on this useless issue is amazing. If people spent as much concern looking at issues that really matter, we’d be golden.

  2. I agree, a colossal waste of time. But hasn’t ANYONE thought about the fact that if they could disprove Obama as a natural born Citizen we’d get Joe Biden instead? Is that really what they want?

  3. On this, we agree. I’ve been underwelmed by his performance so far.

  4. Be underwhelmed by them both. One is a dip, and I am surprised he doesn’t drop the toilet lid on his pee pee repeatedly throughout the day. The other is outting the screws to this country, in such quick fashion, that he is splitting it into splintered pieces.

    Yeah, our country is soooo much better off now. We got rid of reading bills before we sign them, we got rid of politicians listening to their constituents before they vote on half baked ideas, and we got rid of any semblance of common sense, morality, and fiscal responsibility. And lookie…we added Czars to the myriad of worthless bobblehead politicos in our capitol.

    Now that’s using the ole noggin’.

  5. Given the choices, OB was still the way to go. The fact that a senator said they didn’t read the bill from beginning to end isn’t new. The end of the day, they are still accountable for what’s inside and what they are signing.
    The fact that the government has czars as a way to effectively deal with things is laughable. I wish the SEC had such aggressive oversight. Perhaps Madeoff would have been caught years ago.

  6. David, Who said the czars are giving oversight. They are not regulated or mandated by any law. There is no charter for them. As far as we know they are just roaming the halls of the WH and suckin’ off the taxpayer teet.

  7. Great points Shannon and Troy!!! I couldn’t have defined it better. As for David…another O lover and that describes it all!!!!

  8. In case you’ve been absent from politics for the last few years, I’ll give you an update. Sometimes politicians appoint a specific person to oversee certain areas. I think they think this shows they are doing something about a problem. In the end, I don’t think it does any better then what the people who are supposed to be in running it are doing. The media loving refers to these people as czars. Bush had a war czar and a copyright czar. Obama now has a car czar. Having studied Russian history, I never felt that these czars were anything more then brutal dictators, with possible exception by Catherine the Great. Certainly no more executive accumen then the average dictator.
    As for loving Obama, let’s just say that he’s trying to fix things and he didn’t have a tough act to follow.

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