Sharia in the USA

This video is very disturbing and is absolute bull****. This is the way that people act in counties that don’t have the freedoms we enjoy in this country. This is not the way that FREE AMERICANS act and are to be treated.

This is what our country is going to, everyone is worried about offending some other non-Christian group, but nobody cares about slapping down those of us who believe in the faith that this country was founded on. You should share this video with everyone you know as it is truly a violation of what our founding fathers had in mind for our Great Country.

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  1. This is unbelievable!!! Makes one want to oil up their gun, eh?

  2. I’m thoroughly disgusted!

  3. I urge everyonen to call your Congressman and Call the Dearborn Police Dept to insist action be taken! The Chief of Police will refer you to the Legal Dept (313.943.2035), but keep calling until something is done. This is not right. In the process of protecting everyone else, we’ve waived our own rights? I think not! It’s time to take it back. We can’t wait until next year or next month.

  4. For those of you who want to oil up your gun to take action, I will remind you that this country was founded on religious tolerence. While this sometimes goes awry (Salem Witch Trials), let’s recalll the basis of our country’s founding.

  5. NY-David,

    So you are saying that freedom of religion trumps all other freedoms? Did you see anywhere in this video where the people filming said that the muslims could not practice their faith? Did you see either of the people in the video that were trying to ask questions of a Q&A booth put down the muslim faith? Did you see or hear them say that one faith was better than another? I didn’t, and neither does anyone else who watches this becuase none of that is in there. Somehow just because this was a muslim faith gathering, these men and women were not allowed to ask questions or video whatever they wanted. So let me remind you kind sir of all the freedoms this country was founded on and what our governing documents are built on and what I fight for.

  6. Troy,
    By no means should these idiots be condoned. My point is when you draw weapons, the price becomes very expensive. The authors of the video have some interesting follow up on their site –
    I was told that he also posted the video of them at the booth to show that they were respectful in their questioning, but have yet to find it.

  7. [...] few weeks ago I posted this blog entry with a very disturbing video from the Detroit area showing rights being trampled on. Well I am sad to say this is another one. [...]

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